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What is low trac?

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Low Trac means Low Traction. if the light goes on, it means your car noticed that your wheels are spinning. Especially in winter, slow down and let your wheels grip the road. Spinning tires will make ice beneath it.

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What is wrong when the trac off light abs light and low tire light are all on continuously the tires are fine the trac button does not turn the trac on brakes are ok?

Problem with the ABS.

What is a lo trac indicator?

The low trac light in your car means your vehicle has low traction. The wheel sensors have detected wheel spin and the engine power reduces to prevent wheel spin.

Will a sport trac stall if the oil is low?

Only if it's so low that the bearings ovrheat and sieze the engine.

What does it mean when the light Low Trac on a Chevy Camaro turns on?

96 Z with ASR. First time I saw it was right after I bought it on wet pavement. Low Trac means loss of traction.Take your foot out of it or you'll see the "Hold On" light...

What causes the trac off light to come on in a 2003 Oldsmobile alero?

The Trac Off light will come on if you push the traction button located below the automatic gear shifter. If driving and the light comes on, as well as the check engine light, then there is a malfuntion with the system. If low trac comes on, it means just that. You have low traction! Hope this helps :)

Why does trac off light come on on a 2001 Chevy cavalier?

The low trac light in your 1998 Chevy Cavalier means your vehicle has low traction. Low traction means the sensors have detected wheel spin and the engine power reduces to prevent wheel spin. You may have a bad wheel sensor.

Chevy cavalier trac off light came on while driving and car turned off pulled over and wouldn't restart could running out of gas cause this gas was low?

I doubt that running out of gas will my the low trac light come on. I own an 02 Cavalier, and the trac light has to do with the amount of traction you have on any given surface. If you know a mechanic I would have them check it out.

Is Ford Explorer sport trac 4x4?

Over the years it has been rear wheel drive , 4x4 with Fords Control Trac system that has a low range on the transfer case , and all wheel drive

What is Control Trac mean in 1997 Ford Explorer?

In a 1997 Ford Explorer : Control Trac is Fords name for the 4x4 system , with the 2 speed transfer case ( it has a LOW RANGE that can be used off-road )

Why does the low trac light come on in a 1998 Chevy lumina?

It comes on when wheel spin is detected. This indicates the system is working.

Trac light came on saying trac is off?


When was Trac created?

Trac was created on 2006-10-01.

Did a 1995 Chevy Silverado z71 have posi-trac?

Yes, it could be ordered with GM's Posi-Trac as an option.

What does it mean when the low trac light comes on in my 97 Chevy cavalier?

it means that your tires are spinning or your in first or second gear its just telling you that your traction control is readin that you have low traction

What does a 2001 ford explorer sport trac fault code P1120 mean?

Trouble code P1120 means: Throttle Position Sensor A Out Of Range Low (Ratch too low)

How do you build a posi trac?

You buy a posi-trac rear differential.

What does it mean when the abs trac and check tire pressure lights are on?

It probably means your tired pressure is low and your traction control is not working properly (or thinks it isnt) because of the low tire pressure.

What does it mean when the low trac light comes on in an olds mobile intrigue?

that means the traction is low. your tires are slipping. check to see if you need tires. or might be a slippery road perhaps even snow.

What can you do to make the trac off light come off on a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

When it says, "low trac" that just means you are on very grassy ground, or on ice or snow... It's proven that there's nothing to worry about. Just pray for better weather if it's snow.

What does the trac off mean?

Trac off means your traction control is turned off.

Your 1996 Camaro has an intermittent problem of the low trac light coming on just as you stopping?

Try bleeding the brake system including the ABS pump.

What makes the abs low tire press. and trac off light come on in a 1997 grand prix gt?

I have a 01 and and my ABS light and trac off light were on for over a year, I jus got it fixed...My rear wheel bearing sensor was bad, that's what made those lights come on and stay on in my car, but Im not sure about the low tire press.

Where is the PCV valve on a 2007 sport trac?

where is the pcv valve on a 2007 ford sport trac

When was Ford Explorer Sport Trac created?

Ford Explorer Sport Trac was created in 2000.

What 4x4 options were available on the Jeep WJ?

The two systems were Selec Trac and Quadra Trac.