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If you mean the toilet tank, it means you have a leak and water (and $$$ if you have a water meter) are being lost. It is the same as a leaky faucet. You need to find the source of the leak and repair.

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Q: What does it mean when the tank keeps running?
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Your toilet keeps filling and then stopping constantly?

Replace the flapper in the tank. Water is running into the bowl.

What does it mean if your ghost shrimp keeps jumping out of the tank?

If your ghost fish keeps jumping out of thee tank, it might be because it is in a tank with territorial fish that does not want it in the tank and keep forcing it out. It does not feel comfortable there so it jumps out.

Overflow on header tank for hot water keeps running tank is filling from expasion pipe?

water keeps running out of my overflow pipe outside. this has only happened in the last few days and could run twice. wy do you think this is happening what can i do to fix it or do i need a plumber thank you

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How long should you keep your filter running in fish tank?

The filter on an aquarium should always be running. Your filter is what will primarily contain all your good bacteria from the cycling of your tank, this is what helps keep the water clear, and along with regular water changes in your tank, it keeps the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates at or near 0.

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Probably means you running out of fuel and need to get a refill.

Can exhausting the fuel supply while the car is running break the fuel pump 2003 dodge caravan?

Yes, a lot of in-tank fuel pumps are cooled by the fuel in the tank and running the tank dry can destroy the in-tank fuel pump. A lot of discussions about this recommend not running the tank dry for that reason.

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Can fuel pump be working and stop car from starting from car running out of gas?

you mean your fuel pump was working until you ran out of gas and now it doesn't work? yes, if you have an electric in-tank fuel pump, you need a new one. fuel pumps in the tank require lubrication to prevent them from overheating, and the fuel in your tank keeps the fuel pump "wet". when you run out of gas, you run it "dry" and will destroy the fuel pump.

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What does the flapper do on a toilet?

Keeps the water in the tank until you flush.

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fuel, fire, and compression

Whats wrong when an 86 ford aerostar keeps trying to start after the engine is running?

Whats wrong when an 86 ford aerostar keeps trying to start after the engine is running?

1995 f150 better fuel economy in front tank?

If your wondering why you get better fuel economy in the front tank is because it is an over flow tank. That mean when your running on the rear tank your are actually dumping fuel into the front tank when ever you hit your breaks hard and the engine also returns fuel to the front tank that isn't needed from the rear. that is why you get better millage on the front tank and worse on the rear tank.

Ejector pump keeps running?

If the ejector pumps keeps running, it may have a faulty shut-off sensor. The best thing to do is to try replacing the sensor and see if that corrects the problem.

Why the toilet tank water keeps emptying?

The flapper in the bottom of the tank needs to be replaced or the chain going to it is too short.

Is there a reason your dog's nose keeps running a lot?

If its running alot you should take it to a vet but otherwise no.

Why are your fan blowers on all the time on 1996 jetta?

If you mean the radiator fan make sure the airconditioning is off. If the fan keeps running it could be a bad fanswitch (located on radiator tank. Or a failed control relay (if fitted) If still no luck check for a failed AC fan control relay.

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Have you had it checked for a leak?

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