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It means you are either having a very light period already, or it is still coming.

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Q: What does it mean when you are spotting and you late on your period but you test negative on the pregnancy test?
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What does it mean if your period is five days late and you saw very light pink spotting once and a pregnancy test 1 day prior to when your period was due came negative?

Could you be pregnancy

10 days late period negative result spotting?

Me to exalcley...

If you are three days late on your period and just started spotting browish colored blood but had a negative pregnancy test could I still be pregnant?

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My period was on time but 2 weeks later I started spotting negative home pregnancy test could I be pregnant?

If you have sex and you're period is late, you may be pregnant, and if you are spotting you probably aren't. But go to the doctor and get a test done. Your period may just be late, because of stress.

You gave had the paragard IUD for 4 years you are one month late for your period and you are now experiencing light spotting you have taken hpts but they are all negative Any chance you still could be?

If you are using the IUD, have spotting, and have multiple negative pregnancy tests, pregnancy is not a likely explanation.

Your last period was march 11th and you took a pregnancy test but it came up negative and you have spotting What could this mean?

you could be under a lot of stress and stress can makes you be late on your period.

If you have a vaginal infection and are spotting after sex and are late for your period does that mean you could be pregnant?

Late for your period is the only thing in your question that matters with pregnancy. If you are late, take a pregnancy test or go see a doctor. The vaginal infection has nothing to do with you being late. Spotting after sex happens sometimes when you are pregnant.

Why have you been spotting for 4 days now my period is 2 months late and pregnancy test negative?

Well there could be many answers to this questions but i have found it that when i start worknig out more frequently then my period either starts getting lighter or is spotting.

You are 28 dpo and am 8 days late you had spotting 3dpo and now your period is late and all hpt are saying negative what can it be?

If you are 28 dpo then you are 14 days late. The spotting 3 dpo is probably too early to indicate pregnancy (implantation bleeding). A missed period could indicate pregnancy, and it is possible that there is not enough HCG hormone for the HPT to detect. Therefor, it is possible that it is a false negative and you could be pregnant. A doctor could confirm for you with a blood test.

Late period but negative pregnancy tests have following symptoms cramping dizziness and tiredness?

my period is now 4 days late and i too have done 3 test which have come back negative. i am now starting to get cramps and light spotting. it could be a sign of either pregnancy or your period. i am hoping mine is pregnancy so fingers crossed! best thing to do is see your gp-he/she will be able to tell you either way

Could you be pregnant if you're two weeks late for your period and you're spotting brown?

Yes, you could be pregnant if you're two weeks late for your period and you're spotting brown. You should take a pregnancy test.

What if your period is five days late but the test is negative?

It may be an ectopic pregnancy

Could you still be pregnant if your period is due in about 12 days but you're spotting and a pregnancy test was negative?

Most pregnancy tests are not accurate until you are at least 3 days late with your period. The pregnancy hormone could be too weak to be detected. Retake a test if you have not gotten your period on time. Good luck.

Can you have no period and negative pregnancy results and still be pregnant?

The negative pregnancy test is the defining answer, regarding pregnancy - once your period is a week or so late - if you are pregnant, the hCG will be high enough to be detected.

Had normal period then followed by spotting 10 days later now 1 week late for next period?

Take a pregnancy test

When my period was 8 weeks late I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative I still didn't have anything for two weeks but now its spotting and its been brown discarge what does this mean?

You might be pregnant or having your period.

You are 10 days late negative test result had spotting for 1 day?

hi i am 10 days late done pregnancy test and negative this morning was spotting and now nothing could i be pregnant please help i really need to know

Could being a week late on my period and finally having my period but it being spotting for nine days be a sign of pregnancy?

I would take a pregnancy test, as spotting is very common in early pregnancy- especially at the time when you would have gotten your period. I've been spotting for five days since I should have gotten my period and I tested positive three days ago.

Can you be pregnant if your period is nine days late and your pregnancy test is negative?

Your pregnancy test is negative. You are not pregnant, unless you conceived in the last ten days.

You have taken two negative pregnancy tests and your period started but was 2 weeks late but could you still be pregnant?

With two negative pregnancy test and a period that'd be extremely unlikely.

Could you be pregnant if you're late but have had light cramping and brown spotting as well as a negative home pregnancy test?

Yes you could be pregnant. Wait a few more days and do another test. If still negative & no period, then see your doctor.

You took a pregnancy test that came out negative now two days later iam spotting your period is not due for 7 days could you be pregnant?

I would wait until your period is late, and then do another test to get a more accurate result.

Could you be pregnant if you are 10 days late for your period but have had pinkish spotting for four days?

pink spotting is a pregnancy sign you could be well pregnant its called Implantation bleeding

What if your period is a month late but you bought a pregnancy test and it reads negative are you pregnant?

you gonna die

You are about 4 days late for your period and your pregnancy test is negative?

It might be because its to soon for it to show