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Brown nasal discharge can be a sign that there is bleeding in the nose or sinuses. Which are hollow cavities in the nose. A brown nasal discharge is not normal.

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Q: What does it mean when you have a brown discharge coming from your nose?
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What is white discharge coming from nose cat's nose?

Your cat has an infection of some sorts, let a vet check it out.

How do you know if your dwarf hamster has a cold?

if its sneezing and green discharge coming from eyes and nose

What does green discharge from dogs nose mean?

Green discharge is a sign of infection. Go see your veterinarian.

Your dog has fluid coming from his nose?

Clear fluid coming from your dogâ??s noise may be a symptom of kennel cough or the flu. Discharge of thick pus or mucus is a sign of a more serious infection or possible tumor growth. Any consistent discharge from the nose should be check out by a vet.

What does 'nose is running' mean?

If your nose is "running," then you have a mucus discharge. The image is of the mucus running out of your nose so that you need a tissue or you need to blow the mucus out.

What does Madison darlene liley mean?

a doofus with brown hair and a big nose

Is this normal Budgie has a brown and crusty nose area?

If the brown area is restricted to the cere, this is normal, as it indicates a female that is ready to bed. If it is a crusty discharge, the budgie is suffering from a respiratory infection, and must be taken to a vet.

What does sanaa aftab mean?

a dumb and hideous male with no brain nd brown skin. or brown girl with big nose :L

How do you know if a parrot is ill?

A parrot that is ill will be quiet and listless; it will sit with its feathers ruffled up constantly, even when the conditions are not cold. It may have a discharge coming from its eyes or nose.

What does a clear discharge from your vagina mean?

That is normal. All openings in your body that have an 'outside', produce a discharge. It is usually made of mucous. You probably have noticed that your nose and mouth are moist like this. If the openings were dry, it could cause problems.The discharge keeps things moist and also move things out. When you breathe in, the clear discharge traps pollen and dirt and they come out on their own and when you sneeze or blow your nose. The same is true of the vagina.

What is the boogie nose?

it is boogers coming from a horses nose

How would you define rhnosis?

did you mean rhinitis? rhinitis: an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose (usually associated with nasal discharge)commonly known as a runny nose i cannot find anything on rhnosis.