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What does it mean when you have clear fecal matter?

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If you have clear fecal matter it is most likely made up of mostly mucus. It is an indication that your bowels are inflamed and irritated. Consult with your doctor as to the best way to deal with the situation.

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Can you get HIV from fecal matter?

From fecal matter alone no. If the fecal matter has blood in it then yes.

Is fecal matter present in bologna?

There should be no fecal matter present in bologna.

What is the purpose of the anus?

You use it to dispose of fecal matter from your body (fecal matter=Poop

Is fecal matter inorganic?

No, fecal matter has plenty of organic content; it is rife with bacteria.

When was Fecal Matter - band - created?

Fecal Matter - band - was created in 1985.

Does fecal matter float?

If your diet includes enough useful fibre, then your fecal matter will float.

Why does water from bathroom sink taste like fecal matter?

Why do you know what fecal matter tastes like.

Which object do you poop in?

I think you mean what channel isused to pass the fecal matter and that is the colon.

What is fecal matter?

Fecal matter is matter contained in or originating from feces aka excrement. Or, in British English: Faecal matter is matter contained in or originating from faeces aka excrement.

What is the passageway of feces?

Fecal matter forms in the intestines, mainly the large intestine. Right before defecation, it is stored in the rectum. Finally, the fecal matter passes out the anus, the muscular opening for passing fecal matter.

Black fecal matter in dogs?

Black stools can mean blood or infection. Contact your vet.

Is coxsackie b virus in cat fecal?

Coxsackie B Virus can be found can be found in cat fecal matter. However, not all cat fecal matter has Coxsackie B virus in it.

Is fecal matter and vomit a biohazard?


Is fecal matter acidic?

No, not particularly.

Dose dude mean a hair on an elephants but?

A dude is fecal matter hanging by a hair on an elephants butt.

Why do females have an anus?

Females have an anus for the same reason males have anuses. The purpose of the anus is to remove fecal matter from the body. Fecal matter is what is left over in the body after food is digested. Fecal matter is toxic to the body and must be removed.

Is it ok to smear fecal matter on your face like war paint?

No, I really don't want fecal matter on my face, but thanks for asking

Why would gay guys like fecal matter?

Most gay guys don't care to mess with fecal matter. That is mostly just a hurtful stereotype. Besides, feces play is not limited to any one sexual orientation. Why a person of any orientation might do it could mean they have a fetish, they are curious, they like how it feels, or they associate the fecal matter with someone they love.

What is harmful waste?

fecal matter. or urine

What does the large intestine store?

fecal matter

What is a stink pickle?

That is slang for fecal matter.

Does your fecal matter stink?

It depends on what you eat.

How do you pass stools?

A stool is fecal matter.

Can fecal matter make you sick?


What does a dream mean when its about fecal matter?

The dream suggests that the dreamer is disgusted or repulsed by some situation that feels filthy.