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What does it mean when you have discharge with no odor?

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you mite have a STD you should see a dr to find out more

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Q: What does it mean when you have discharge with no odor?
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What can cause discharge with odor?

Yes, this could mean you have a std... you should get tested!

When a girl has discharge does it mean she is pregnant?

If the discharge is unusual, no. It probably means something is wrong, especially if the discharge has a bad odor. You should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What does it mean when there is an unusual odor in the vaginal area and your menstraul is over but reoccured in the same month?


Does gonorrhea have a smelly discharge?

There is not usually a notable odor in gonorrhea infection. See your health care provider for testing if you you have a discharge with odor.

Can vaginal odour affects getting pregnant?

If it is strictly an odor, no. Sometimes odor can be a result of infections though, this can affect your fertility. All women naturally have a vaginal odor. This is because the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. The odor is just the smell of your vagina discharge. This discharge changes with your cycle. When your discharge is clear and stretchy, this is generally the sign that you are ovulating (which is the best time to try to conceive). The odor of discharge is often strongest during ovulation or right before your period. Exercising can also change the consistency and odor of your discharge as well. So to answer your question, odor alone will not affect your fertility but the reason for the odor can affect your fertility.

What causes Discharge with odor?

Discharge with an odor may be trichomoniasis.This is usually Trichomonisis. Go to the doctor and get an antibiotic (usually flagyl or tinidhzole) to get rid of the infection.

What should discharge smell like?

Discharge may have an odor, but not a really offensive one.

Can an STD cause yellow discharge and odor?

A STD can cause a yellow smelly discharge.

Is white discharge a sign of herpes?

It is probably chlamydia or gonorrhea. It could mean a lot of things. It would depend on the consistancy and the odor. For instance thin white discharge with no odor is normal. However if it is thick and has a odor it could be several things most commonly a UTI or a yeast infection. You should go to the doctor to get it checked out.

What causes yellow discharge without odor?

Just because there isn't odor doesn't mean that there isn't an infection. It is important to see a Dr. to make sure nothing bad is happening.

What is normal vaginal discharge after a hysterectomy?

Is a yellowish discharge and slight odor normal after vaginal hyserectomy

What does it mean when you have a yellow discharge that is kind of slimy and has an odor?

that it is time to go to the clinic. any irregular discharge along with foul odor indicates an infection of some kind. kind of like mucus when your sick,when its different colors and coming out of you in large amounts, you know your sick

Can drinking alot of water cure vaginal discharge and odor?

Sorry, you can't cure normal vaginal discharge. However if you have abnormal discharge or burning and foul odor you may have an infection, which should be treated by a doctor, not water.

What does it mean when a girl get a lot of vaginal discharge?

As long as there is no burning, itch or bad odor from the discharge, it is most likely normal cervical mucus, which is the body's way of keeping the vagina clean.

You are on birth control and have white clumpy discharge?

If you're having itching or odor with the discharge, see hyour health care provider for diagnosis. If there is no odor or itch, there is no cause for concern.

What does it mean if you have discharge with a strong odor while pregnant?

Vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy. However vaginal discharge with a strong odour is usually a indication of an infection. See your Doctor for treatment as it can affect the baby during delivery.

What does increase in discharge mean during pregnancy?

Normal discharge increasing is completely normal, during pregnancy. Discharge with blood, bad odor or green, yellow discoloration needs to be brought to your doctors attention, as a possible sign of infection.

Is yellow discharge normal?

Only if there is no odor or itching and burning.

What is brown discharge?

Discharge is common among females but if it is discolored or has a strong odor, you should go see a doctor.

What does it mean when you discharge smelly yellow chunks?

You most likely have an infection. You should see a doctor as soon as possible, as a foul odor and discharge are generally a signs of bacterial vaginosis, which can only be treated with antibiotics.

If your vaginal area have white discharge and an slight odor what does that mean?

that means your not keeping it clean or need to keep it cleaner,just wash more.

Can douches help odor and discharge?

Douches will help the odor, but you may not want to use them very often, because that could become harmful, discharge is something every woman has so douching will not get rid of it

Is herpes discharge clear?

The discharge from herpes sores can be clear or pus-like. A woman with herpes on the cervix may have a clear vaginal discharge without odor.

What causes yellowish discharge?

Pus can cause it. If it has a bad odor see a doctor. Discharge can also have a different color when you ovulate.

What can you use to stop white vaginal discharge and the bad odor?

It's normal for the vagina to have sometimes white discharge and also a odor but if it smells bad like rotten fish you have a infection and needs to see the doctor so you get the right medication prescribed.