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What does it mean when you see blood while blowing your nose?


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that your having a nose bleed.

if you get one:

hold a Kleenex up to your nose, while pinching the uppermost portion of you nose , and holding you head down.
If you are not bleeding a lot, it can be from cold air, dry heat in the house. I live in British Columbia where we can have rain and damp, then have freezing weather and the next day it's warm. Even the furnace being on in the house is drying. Look at your skin and if it looks dry, you bet your nose is dry. Even air conditioning can do it to you. You can use a little KY Jelly or vasoline inside your noise to keep it moist. As long as you are not bleeding profusely then there is nothing to worry about. If you've been blowing your nose often you've probably just given yourself a nosebleed by rupturing the blood vessels at the back of your nose. It's no big deal. It heals on its own. There are nose drops specially suited for this condition. Also saline nose spray can help. Try drinking more water and blowing your nose less. Everytime you blow your nose, you can be breaking up your clots. Give your nose time to heal, about a week. == ==