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Love, love, love!!! Or they could be showing you a sign of domination. I would not suggest continuing this behavior.

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Q: What does it mean when your dog sits on top of you?
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What does it mean when a dog sits on her puppies?

it's Love. the dog protects her puppies.

What does it mean when your dog sits up and wants to put his paws on you?

It means the dog likes you

What mechanical layer sits on top of the asthenosphere?

The lithosphere sits on top of the asthenosphere.

What does it mean when a dog sits on you?

It could simply be a form of "cuddling." It could also be away of the dog trying to say "I'm in charge." If you don't like it, the dog should be taught not to do it.

What sits on top of a science tripod?

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Why did your friends dog sit on you?

A dog sits on a person to show dominance.

What is a lap dog?

any kind of a small dog like a beagle a dog that sits on your lap a funny dog

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What breed of dog on the tuckerbox?

The breed of dog that sits on the tuckerbox is an Australian Kelpie

What does it mean when you sit down your dog will sit on top of you?

This means that the dog thinks he/she is in charge of you. This is not good. You have to be more demanding when you talk to the dog.

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The continent that sits on top of the Arabian plate is Asia. The Arabian plate consists mostly of the Arabian peninsula.

What does it mean when a dog or cat sits and faces the wall?

If the animal is facing the wall and pressing their head to it this can be a sign of illness, take to the vet immediately

What are signs of submission in a dog?

A dog is submissive when they lower their ears and head and sits or lies down.

What is the predicate in the sentence Ernie sits on the back steps with his dog?


Why is your dog whining?

it depends on what your dog wants if its whining.If your dog sits by you and just stares and whines it probably wants you to pet it.

What is something funny?

When your dog sits and stares at the tv and barks at it.

Your dog walks and sits down like she is in pain?


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