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If it's the RADIATOR that's steaming it probably means that you have a leaky radiator. If the cap is steaming it might just mean that you need to replace the radiator cap, but it could mean that the engine is overheating. Check the coolant level and make certain that you do not see evidence of leakage anywhere around the engine or radiator. After the engine has cooled, look for light green powder around the edges of the radiator and around the water pump. This is evidence of leakage.

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Q: What does it mean when your radiator starts steaming while it is running?
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Why your car stopped while running?

maybe my radiator is defective

Why would a fan runs while you are driving?

There are 2 fans that would be running while you are driving and that is normal... the compressor fan if you have the air conditioner running and the radiator fan runs to help keep the radiator cool while the engine is on.

Where do you put antifreeze in a Chevy Astro van?

directly in the radiator while the van is running

What could happen if the radiator of your Honda CRV is gone while running?

over heat

What would cause steam from exhaust after new head and intake gaskets?

It is probley just the engine coolant burning that ran into the exhaust and muffler. Just let it run awhile and burn it out. If it don't stop steaming after about 30 mins. Then you have done something wrong when putting it back together. Are you changed the wrong head. Start the engine with the radiator cap left off and keep watching in the rad while the engine is running, there should be no bubbling coming from the radiator. If there is then you still have a bad head are head gasket. Radiator should build NO pressure in it while the engine is running.

Do you fill the radiator when the car is running?

first turn on the car and add the water to the radiator while the engine is running-- this allows the water pump to work and force the water to all the thirsty parts this will help the radiator and the crankcase fill much faster

How do you bleed air from the radiator on a 92 Cavalier?

If the water is circulating, simply fill the radiator while the car is running. If there is an air blockage, a heate hose that loops up, you can install a T fitting in it that will allow the air to escape. Usually running the car while filling will do it.

How do i Change antifreeze on 2000 Mercury Sable?

Drain radiator, rinse with water or radiator cleaner, then refill. Don't forget to check the leve after running the engine a while.

Should you put antifreeze in a car while it is running?

It is best to do it while your vehicle is running so it will circulate through the system. You should add it to the reserve tank, never open the cap on your radiator (if it has one) while the system is hot.

What causes radiator to spurt water out while engine is running?

A hole in the radiator would do that, or a damaged radiator cap. It could be a cracked engine block that is allowing cylinder pressure into the cooling system, pressurizing the water until it breaks through a weak spot in the radiator.

Why does your top radiator get soft while the engine is running?

If the question is: why does your top radiator hose get soft while the engine is running? If that's what u want to know, it's because the thermostat in the engine opens to flow the coolant thru the motor to keep the operating temperature from getting to hot. It's stores water in the radiator which cools the water and the thermostat blocks it until a predetermined temp.

Steam coming from around my radiator in a Nissan largo?

you have a leak in a hose or your radiator itself. Look for antifreeze dripping from under car while engine is running and hot enough for the fan to kick on.

Do you check the radiator liquid when the cars on?

NO! That would be dangerous. Cars' coolant systems are pressurized, so if you open the radiator cap while the engine is running, it will spray HOT radiator fluid (water mixed with ethylene glycol, usually) all over you, and sometimes drain the radiator of coolant.

How do you add coolant to a 2004 Chevy Malibu?

i have the same car. ya just go ahead and add it to your radiator while running

Why is my radiator fan running continusly on mercedes E200 2000 model?

The radiator fan is designed to run continuously while the engine is running so that the temperature of the coolant can be lowered. The coolant is continuously run through the engine, collecting engine heat and dispersing it over the radiator fins; while the fan blows the fins and cooling off the coolant before recirculating back through the engine in a continuous cycle.

Does pouring water into the reserve tank in over heating car causes damage?

It can. You should leave the engine running while you add water to the radiator. If you add water with the engine turned off, but while the engine is overheated, you might damage the engine or the radiator.

How to remove air from 1995 Chevy silverado coolant system?

fill the radiator full, DO NOT CAP THE RADIATOR ! Start the truck, allow it to warm up, allowing the thermostat to open up. While it is warming up, keep topping off the radiator. Once it is hot, and to running temperature, cap the radiator.

How do you do a coolant flush on a 2006 F-150?

option a. drain the radiator by the petcock bottom right fill b. buy a flushing tee and read instructions, use a garden hose while vehicle is running. c.remove lower raditor hose while vehicle is running stixk garden hose in top of radiator for a few minutes

What is wrong when your Chevy Tahoe starts to sputter and lose power after running for a while?

You Probley have a blowed head gasket.

What causes a Chevy 305 radiator recovery tank to boil while the engine is running at a normal temp?

It could be low on water and stuff, fill it.

Why are your radiator fans not coming on after coolant gets hot 2004 stratus V6?

This could be due to a bad temperature sensor, radiator cooling fan relay, or possibly even the radiator fan itself. Try tapping on the radiator fan to see if it starts to move while the vehicle is at normal operating temperature. If nothing then find temp sensor and unplug and jumper the electric connection with a paper clip to see if fan starts. If fan starts then replace the temp sensor. If fan does not start then suspect either bad fuse or bad relay.

Why White smokecomes out tailpipe that smells like coolant?

You have a blown head gasket. Open your radiator while the engine is running. You should find exhaust coming from it.

What would cause a radiator to have suction in it while running?

Cracked head or leaking gasket. The suction is created on the downward stroke of piston during intake stroke.

Why does a car run at a normal temperature while running but gets hot while idling?

Cooling fan may not be working as it should. If it is not coming on either the fan is defective, fuse is blown, or the thermal sensor is bad. If it is running and the engine is still overheating the radiator may be partially clogged.

Steam is coming from the left-hand side of the radiator when running fan does kick on and it stops Does my radiator have a leak?

It may NOT be a leaky radiator. However, you may wish to check your upper and lower radiator hoses and tighten all of the fittings (if necessary), and also trace the hoses all the way down to where they meet the engine. Be on the look-out for dry-rot and be looking for spots that might be bulging out. The bulging spots could indicate that the hose is ready to burst. It is best to conduct this inspection while the vehicle IS running and HAS BEEN running for a few minutes so that it is warmed up. BE SURE to be VERY careful because radiator hoses are HOT, and engine compartments are intentionally small. P.s: IF you can identify to the location and actually SEE the steam coming directly from your radiator, then yes, you DO have leak in your radiator.