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One good way to get into the repossession business is to go to a school. However BEWARE - most schools, classes, and courses you see advertised are actually Online or "Read-a-Book" type programs. I would suggest looking for a real repossession school taught in a real classroom by experienced repossession professionals. There are very few out there, but if you look hard enough you can find one. Try Midnight Express Recovery Agent School: They provide training in all aspects of repossession including preparation for the CARS (Certified Asset Recovery Specialist®) test and certification.

But first before you even think about becoming the repo man, you must have a valid cali license, no felonies, and be able to pass a back round check.

You can get your start by going online and doing a search for local repossession companies, and most of the times you will find phone numbers of these repo agencies. Call them up and ask if they are hiring

Or, next time that you see the repo man in his tow truck, ask him if their companies hiring, I have given my bosses number to many people that ask. You can tell the difference between a repo truck and a regular tow companies truck because repo trucks have no writing or phone numbers, or company logos painted on the truck.

The best way to get hired is of course knowing somebody in the industry. a few things to note about this profession. ......

#1 - It's not for the faint of heart, it is very dangerous work. Be prepared to deal with absolutely erratic, angry, hostile people. And their angry hostile pet dogs. Also it is a very real possibility that people will pull out guns or knives,and base ball bats and attempt to use them. It helps to know how to talk reasonably with people instead of insulting and degrading them , that is the difference between a repo man getting shot and a repo man staying alive

#2 - Be prepared to work crazy, late night hours

#3 - You get paid on each car you repossess, no steady pay

#4 - Having a knowledge of cars and transmissions is a plus, knowing how to tow different types of cars is very important.

Good luck , just know that the repo man works his butt off, and everybody hates you, but there are benefits to this type of work. After doing repossession, there is no other job that will seem too hard or impossible to do. If you thought that you have seen it all, your in for a surprise. Be aware of your surroundings , be moral, and use common sense.

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Q: What does it take to become a repo man in California?
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