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What does jam up and jelly tight mean?

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Jam Up And Jelly Tight by Tommy RoeThe song "Jam Up and Jelly Tight" was released in 1969. The lyrics are below. The song states that a relationship is desired by the young man with a girl he met. In the 60's "nice" girls had reputations to maintain. So even though there was a sexual revolution going on the girl still didn't act or talk as freely as women can today. This song was considered rather suggestive so the lyrics are probably hinting at a sexual relationship.


Tommy Roe (1969)

Jam up and jelly tight

My, my, my baby

Now you're outta sight

Jam up and jelly tight

You look a little naughty

But you're so polite

Jam up and jelly tight

You won't say you will but

There's a chance that you might

I said the first day I met you

Someday I'm gonna pet you

Now you're here and baby I love it

So come on and give me some lovin

Jam up and jelly tight

Jam up and jelly tight

You've got a sweet disposition

So come on and give me permission

For one kiss and maybe another

You'll see we were meant for each other

Jam up and jelly tight

Jam up and jelly tight

I always though the lyrics were in reference to her inserting a diaphragm and the spermicidal jelly. It makes sense. MCGH

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An old saying Tommys grampa used to say when he was a child.

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