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katniss doesnt die

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Q: What does katniss do after her death?
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What are some dreams Katniss Everedeen has?

Katniss had dreams about her fathers death.

How does Katniss stop Peeta from talking about his potential death?

Katniss kisses Peeta, which stops him from talking about his potential death.

Why did tresh refuse to hurt Katniss?

Tresh didn't hurt Katniss because Rue was Katniss' ally and Katniss avenged Rue's death.

Whom does katniss blame for Rueโ€™s death ?

The capitol :(

What character avenges Rue's death saving Katniss?


Why is Katniss os angry with her mother off of the hunger games?

Because her mother became useless after Katniss' father's death, so katniss had to provide for both Prim and her mother

How did rue's death affect Katniss's toward the hunger games?

Katniss was depressed when Rue died. It made her think of her sister, Prim.

Why does Thresh's death affect Katniss?

it affects her because he is close yo her

What does Peeta Mellark fear more than death?

Losing Katniss

What kind of competition is katniss up in to hunger games?

a fight to the death

How did Katniss' dad die in The Hunger Games?

Katniss' dad was killed in mine explosion. After his death, Katniss, her mother, and Prim were very sad. When Katniss was well enough to keep hunting, her mother wouldn't talk, help, or take care of Prim, and Katniss was very angry with her.

How does Katniss fell about her mother?

Katniss is extremely angry with her in the first book and is very distant. In the second, however, Katniss warms up to her mother because she realizes that her mother is sorry for her years that she was distant because of Katniss's father's death. In the third book, Katniss isn't angry with her mother, but she is distant.

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