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Lisez page means "read page".

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Q: What does lisez page mean in English?
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What does lisez mean in english?

Lisez is a French word. It's English translation is to read or to view written letters and convert them into words which have meaning.

What does lisez-vous Français mean?

Lisez-vous le français ? means "do you read French?"

How do you say read above in french?

Read above (English) -> Lisez ci-dessus (French)

What does the french word lisez mean?

Translation: Read (as a command to multiple people).

What does Si vous lisez ceci comme cela mean?

"if you are reading this that way"

What does lisez mean in french?

It's the second person plural conjugation of lire which means to read.

What does Que pagina estamos mean in English?

it means what page are we on. 8=>

How do you say you are reading The Paris Vendetta in french?

Vous lisez Le Vendetta Paris.

What does putonghua mean in English?

Common tongue. -See Wikipedia page on Standard Mandarian.

What is the English word for the French word page?

It is the same. Page in English is page in French.

What does the symbols on Harvard mean on disscussion page n?

If you mean Harvard Univerdity the word Veritas in English translates Truth

How do you say 'you read french'?

Either (formal) vous lisez francais or (informal) tu lis francais