What does loam mean?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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clay is a kind of soil  that  made into a verry  verry old rocks....

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Q: What does loam mean?
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What is the definition of loam?

Loam - loam is the best soil that makes the plants grow and strong..........

What is the tagalog of loam?

what is the pilipino term of loam

Does loam contain gravel?

Loam does not contain gravel.

What are Hamlet's words in lines 29-32 an example of?

what does it mean Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth to dust, the dust the earth, of earth we make loam, and why of that loam whereto he was

What are the 15 types of soil?

Sandy soil , loamy sand , sandy loam , meduim loam , sand clay loam , silt loam , clay , sandy clay , clay loam , silt clay loam , silty clay loam , silty clay , sily , peat moss , chalk soil and limestone soil by Katie h n Katie d

What is the size of loam soil?

There are many different types of loam soils, each with slightly different characteristics, and with some draining liquids more efficiently than others. Different proportions of sand, silt, and clay give rise to types of loam soils: sandy loam, silty loam, clay loam, sandy clay loam, silty clay loam, and loam.[1] A soil dominated by one or two of the three particle size groups can behave like loam if it has a strong granular structure, promoted by a high content of organic matter.

Is loam a component top soil?

Loam is a description, not an object.

When was Michael Loam born?

Michael Loam was born in 1797.

When did Michael Loam die?

Michael Loam died in 1871.

How loam is formed?

Loam soil is made of silt, sand and clay. Its composition is varied because there are so many different types of Loam soil. Loam is also used in construction of houses.

Do plants grow faster in loam or ordinary soil?

loam because loam consist of minerals that are needed by the plants to grow healthy.

What does the word composting mean?

Composition means what something is made from, as in "The composition of this soil is sand and loam."