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Me llamas (tú) más tarde would mean "call me later."

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Q: What does mi llamas tu mas tarde mean?
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What does mas triesta por mi amor mean?

mas triste por mi amor = sadder by my love

What does no mi queta mas mean in English?

I believe you may have meant to write this as 'no mi queda mas' which would translate to mean 'I have no more' in English.

What does 'Usted es mas querido para mi' mean?

Usted es mas querido para mi means You are more dear to me

What is 'Mรกs tarde mi amor' when translated from Spanish to English?

"Later, my love!" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase ¡Más tarde, mi amor! The promise models an informal way of saying "See you later, my love!" The pronunciation will be "mas TAR-dey mee a-MOR" in Uruguayan Spanish.

What does mi me gusta cuando you llamas mireina mean?

I like it when you call you mireina ...

What does Mas Luego mi chica mean in English?

much later my girl

Quiere venir a mi casa mas tarde esta noche o manana venir?

Would you like to come to my house later this evening, or come tomorrow? Note. the original is Spanish, not French.

What does mi amante babes mas y mas cada dia mean?

It translates out as "loving my babes more and more every day".

What does yo mas mi amor mean?

"Yo mas mi amor" translates from Spanish to English as "me plus my love." It conveys a sense of combining oneself with one's love or partner.

What does Lo quero mi burro mas que mi esposa mean in english?

I love my donkey more than my wife

What does Pues mas para mi mean?

"Más" should have an accent mark.It means "Well, then, more for me."

What does dame agua mi oblingo esta en llamas?

Gibberish Give me water my commitment is in (the Andean animals) llamas.