What does mueve la pompa mean?

Updated: 11/12/2022
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Mueve la pompa is Spanish. In English for 'Shaking that butt'.

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Q: What does mueve la pompa mean?
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What does Mueve la pompa mean in English?

shake your butt/hips

What does Mueve La Colita mean?

'Move your bum'

Como es mueve means.?

do you mean como se mueve?como se mueve = as it moves

What actors and actresses appeared in La noche se mueve - 1992?

The cast of La noche se mueve - 1992 includes: El Gran Wyoming as Himself - Host

How do you say move your hand in spanish?

You say, "¡Mueve la mano!"

What does que te mueve mean?

That moves you

What is Shift four in spanish?

If you mean '(work-)Shift (No.) 4': la tanda numero cuatro If you mean 'Shift (i.e. move) four (objects)': Mueve cuatro (cosas)

What does te gusta mueve mueve mean in English?

I believe it means "I like to move (it) move (it)" very loosely translated. Or, perhaps, "You like to move (it) move (it)"

What is the song played at the sandos playacar hotel in Mexico by the entertainment team?

It is Mueve la Colita. You can download it from iTunes store.

How tall is Gene Pompa?

Gene Pompa is 5' 11".

When was Antonio Pompa-Baldi born?

Antonio Pompa-Baldi was born in 1974.

How tall is Gary David Pompa?

Gary David Pompa is 5' 8".