What does que te mueve mean?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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That moves you

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Q: What does que te mueve mean?
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What does te gusta mueve mueve mean in English?

I believe it means "I like to move (it) move (it)" very loosely translated. Or, perhaps, "You like to move (it) move (it)"

What does que te digo mean?

...that he said (to you)... ¿Que te dijo? = What did he say (to you)?

What does Que Te Gusta y Que no Te Gusta mean?

and you don't like the way i what

Como es mueve means.?

do you mean como se mueve?como se mueve = as it moves

What does que te gusta mas mean?

It likes you, but...Que te gusta, masmas --- but, nonethelessmás --- more, the most...

What does Que te queiro mean?

"Que te quiero" means "I love you" in Spanish.

Lo mucho que te quiero y que te adoro mean?

"Lo mucho que te quiero" and "que te adoro" both mean "how much I love you" in Spanish, expressing deep affection and adoration towards someone.

What does que te hizo mean?

"What did I do to you?" "Que te hice?" would be "what did I do to you?" Que te hizo? is better translated "What did (s)he do to you?"

What is 'I see what you mean' in spanish?

I see what you mean can be translated in several ways. Here are some:veo a que te refieresveo a que Ud. le refiereentiendocomprendo

What does que te gusta jugar mean?

It means "What do you like to play?" que- what , te-you, gusta-like , jugar-to play

What does te amo mas que ella mean?

Te amo mas que ella means I love you more than she does

What does de que te ries mean in English?

'¿De que te ries?' means 'What are you laughing at?' or 'What's so funny?'