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Nationalisation is about the decision by government to take either whole of half control of a sector of the economy, in my case mining.

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What is the meaning of nationaligetion?

Did you mean nationalization? Nationalization is the act of nationalizing, or the state of being nationalized.

What is the opposite of privatization?


Background of nationalization?

New food for thoughts on nationalization and its background from a different angle can be found at:Munoz, Lucio, 2010. Nationalization as Privatization in Reverse: Understanding the Nature of the Commons to Identify a Possible Point of Optimal Nationalization, Journal of Sustainability, Issue 3, Number 1, July 20, Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA.

Advantages of Nationalization of school in Tanzania?


When was the first nationalization of banks done?


When was the nationalization of Indian railway is done?


What has the author Aster Akalu written?

Aster Akalu. has written: 'The process of land nationalization in Ethiopia' -- subject(s): Land reform, Nationalization of Land

When government takes control of industry it is called?


What is the noun form of nationalize?

The noun is nationalization.

When was the first nationalization of banks done in India?


Term for when government takes over a business?


Why is nationalisation used?

Nationalizationis the process of taking an industry or assets into government ownership by a national government or state.[1]Nationalization usually refers to private assets, but may also mean assets owned by lower levels of government, such as municipalities, being transferred to the public sector to be operated and owned by the state.

Who was the prime minister opposed to the nationalization of british industry?

Margaret Thatcher was the British Prime Minister who opposed the nationalization of British Industry. She served as Prime Minister from 1979 - 1990.

This allows citizens to take their cases to a higher court?


Which policy was not a feature of Hitler's Germany?

nationalization of industry. :) yup.

How did the nationalization of markets affect the economy?

the economy experienced panics

What is the government takeover of natural resources businesses or industries?


What are the effects of nationalisation of commercial bank in India?

The effects of nationalization of the Commercial Bank in India is that it has had a positive effect on the economy. The natives of the country have directly benefited from nationalization of the bank because they own it.

What is the difference between privatization and nationalization?

Privatization is the act of selling Government owned business to the private sector. Whereas, Nationalization occurs when the government buys certain business or firms from private owners.

What is nationalization?

Nationalisation refers to the process by which a state takes over the operations of a firm. The word nationalization refers to the process of the government taking control over an industry or company for one of several reasons.

What 15-letter words?

Nationalization, noncommunicable, nonflammatory, (ect.)

Government nationalization of industry?

A government takes over and operates factories.

When did the Nationalization of the bank took place for the first time in India?


How did African women participate in nationalization of their African territory?

they bit there husbands ears of

What were z.a.bhutto reforms that upset people of Pakistan?

Nationalization stopped industrial development .

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