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Nicotine as we know is a powerful drug. It comes in many forms and can enter the body through smoking. When Nicotine enters the body it first goes to the lungs and the bloodstream. The lungs get covered with tar and some of the nicotine travels through the bloodstream to your heart, liver and kidneys. What Nicotine does to your heart is it can create and irregular heartbeat and cause other vital organs to go haywire.

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Q: What does nicotine do to your heart?
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What does nicotine do to your heart rate?

what does nicotine do to your heart and blood pleasure

Does nicotine affectl your heart rate?

Yes nicotine does affect you heart rate. The cigarette smoke (contains nicotine) cause your heart rate to directly increase.

How does nicotine affect the heart?

Nicotine can have various bad effects on the heart. For example, it can cause the heart rate to be increased.

Why does nicotine cause heart attack?

nicotine causes heart attacks because of the drug usage that is in it

What happens if you touch pure nicotine?

Only PURE nicotine is deadly to the touch. It will sink into your skin and get into your blood stream, which will get to your heart, and the heart tries to take the nicotine as normal blood, but nicotine is a nuclear product and all.... So don't touch it

What is the product in tobacco smoke that damages the heart?

nicotine affects the heart

How does nicotine decrease heart rate?

Nicotine should increase the heart rate, as it stimulates the release of adrenalin and noradrenalin, a chemical very similar to adrenalin. Not sure if it can also decrease the heart rate.

Does all tobacco effect your heart?

Yes. Tobacco contains nicotine which a stimulant. Nicotine raises blood pressure and heart rate and overtime can cause plaque buildup, heart attack, or stroke.

What effects do nicotine and caffene have on body?

Nicotine and caffeine are called stimulants. They get the heart pumping and give you energy.

Is nicotine a depressent?

No, nicotine is a stimulant drug. If taken in huge doses, nicotine can be deadly because it will increase your heart rate too much and it will effect the brain processes.

Why does heart rate increase after smoking?

Smoking increases heart rate because nicotine is a stimulant.

What is nicotine?

a drug that speeds the activities of the nervous system and heart

What does nicotine in cigarettes do to you?

it increases your heart rate and blood pressure

What narrows the blood vessels and can cause a heart attack?


Which organ works harder when nicotine is in your body?

That would be the heart.

How does nicotine affects your body?

Nicotine affects the body cause it is a stimulant drug that increases the activities of the nervous system and heart; It makes the heart beat faster and increases your blood pressure!

How does nicotine affect the heart rate?

it makes your heart jump up and down like skylar miracle

How does nicotine consumption affect some ones heart rate?

It makes your heart pressure go up

What organs are affected by nicotine?

All Lungs, heart, liver and kidney

What is a chemical in tobacco smoke that makes the heart beat faster?


A smokers heart rate increases because of?

tar,nicotine and co2

What is the stimulator that is found in cigarette which causes heart problems to the user?


Nicotine stimulates the heart and increases respiration?

Nicotine A. stimulates the heart and increases respiration. B. is a central nervous system depressant. C. increases hunger signals. D. is not easy to develop a tolerance to.

Why does nicotine make your heart work harder?

Nicotine is a stimulant drug that makes the heart beat 10 times per minute faster, or about 90 beats per minute for a middle school student.

How does nicotine effect your body?

Nicotine can cause cardiovascular accidents or heart attacks. This is dangerous and remarkably one of the most used and addictive drugs.