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The "bus" is the communication system that the computers use to talk to each other. Any computer, wiring, or connections can cause this. You need a scan tool to diagnose.

"no bus" means the PCM (computer or module) is not able to communicate. Could be something as simple as a fuse (.50) or as complicated as a bad PCM ($1000.00)


"NO BUS" means that the communication system between the computers has stopped working.


Hi I have a 2000 Ram 1500 that had the same problem. For me in the Electrical Power Distribution Center ( The fusebox located in the engine compartment ) I have one big connector with a screw down through it that loosens or tightens the connection. Well for some reason that connector wasn't making good contact with at least one or 2 of the pins. I took that off, cleaned it up, and put it back on and everything worked fine. I'm going to clean it better with contact cleaner and coat it with some dielectric grease and see if it stands the test of time. From what I've gathered from many peoples posts is that this specific problem generally seems to be some kind of electrical contact problem and not the Computer or any other major part. someone.

Answer , I had the same "no bus" all gauges dead on my 2000 ram 1500. after looking at all the different answer posted I tried all of them and the one that worked. Was disconnecting the main plug held down by a screw in the fuse box on the engine compartment. I disconnected, blew the plug and the connect with compressed air, plug it back in tighten the screw and my truck is fine again. Everything works as it should.Answer

My father in law just had this problem and discovered, with the help of our local mechanic, that there was a short (or a loose connection) in the steering column, possibly caused by the fact that my father in law adjusts the steering wheel every time he gets in or out of the truck. The wires in the steering column are bound quite tightly, and do not allow for the vertical movement of the steering column. Total cost of the repair was $60 cdn. and a case of beer.


your computer is dead.

a "bus" is what the main information transfer lines in a computer are called.

"no bus" means no information transfer.

that one is gonna be SPENDY. most likely a couple thousand dollars.


This does not have to be a computer problem. This can also indicate a loose fuse or a simple bad connection. The bus is simply the ground for the electrical devices in the vehicle. It's a fundamental rule: go for the simple stuff before you spend a pot of money on the complex.


Had a similar problem and the parking brake was the problem and needed adj-. A simple nudge until hearing the parking brake "click" was a quick temporary fix. Only difference was my truck would not start until this was done.

Make this simple for everyone NO BUS gauges not working is a AGGREGATING ASS PROBLEM. However when you fix it you'll kick your self for how easy it was and wont cost you but maybe 5.00. heres the basic your main fuse panel under the hood has a screw in it with a huge contact. that contact has gone bad/ dirty take out the screw blow out the contact with compressed air pack it with electrical grease put it back in put the screw in TIGHT HAND ONLY and watch all your gauges come back to life. I got a great mech here where i live and after 2 diff dealerships telling me buy a new cluster i knew someone was full of it. then one said my brain was dead . MINI NEWS FLASH IF YOUR BRAIN IN YOUR TRUCK IS DEAD YOUR TRUCK WILL NOT START! again very simple 30 mins fix had this problem off n on for 6 years in my 99 ram which i still have and drive on weekends mine is 1999 V-6 with a super chip i take out to joy ride. do what i said above an your problem will be solved. i haven't had another issue with mine in over 2 years and have gone about 14000 miles without gauges failing


For me on a 99 2500 dodge ram with NO BUSS

Dodge dealer had it 5 times & said it was fixed, would last from one week to about a month. Then they said I needed a new instrument cluster that they would sell me for $1200.00. I did not do that and I was going to fix it myself, it was the connectors on the back of the instrument panel. I took the instrument panel out then removed the wiring connectors from there holders in the back of the dash. Then I put the instrument panel back in on an angle so I could get my hand in behind it to hook up the connectors on the back of the instrument panel then pushed the instrument panel all the way in, put the screws in. I have had no trouble with it since.


I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500, and I have tried all of the above, mine reads "no bus" none of the gauges worked or the windshield wipers. I found my problem to be in the ignition switch, you just have to work with the key (jiggle it while still in the switch) a little bit and all the gauges will start working again. there are two parts to the switch the key part and the electrical part. all of the electrical for the gauges runs through the switch. It has just turned over 40,000 miles and the warrenty has ran out on it.


I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport. The power distribution connector is located under the dash next to the parking brake instead of the engine compartment. I cleaned the connector and it still didn't work but while working on it I wiggled some wires around it and my instrument cluster began working for a while. TurnS out that the bus wires to the fuse box were jammed in the parking brake lever. Cost to fix.......absolutely zip, nada nothing. Thanks for the tips.


your problem is coming from a bad connection in your fuse box there should be a big wire held by a screw ,clean the surface and retighten and everything should come alive,what happens is that you are loosing comunication with ecm,hope i=this helps,


I had the same problem , no gages on the Instrumnet panel worked and it said

"no bus " in the milage odometer area. After looking on here and seeing the answers I tried only one and it worked. In the main fuse box under the hood there is a fuse held down by 2 screws I simply unscrewed them and cleaned the contacts with a piece of sand paper and hooked them back up and Magically everything was working again after two weeks without anything working . So thanks to everyone that submits questions and answers because I am sure you all just saved me alot of money that I could not afford to spare right now , THANKS AGAIN ---KEN ( From Toledo , Ohio )


i had the same problem ive tried everything so far i replaced the computer the body control module the screw all the fuses and a shope has checked every inch of wires and still nothing the cluster some times when i turn the steering wheel back and forth it comes back but there is no bad wires that can be found does anybody have any other options


Same problem- Try any/all of these suggestions before taking your truck in. Mine was the screw down connector in the pdm by the battery. I just unscrewed it and blew it out. Everything works fine now! Thanks for the helpful suggestions.

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Q: What does no bus mean in the digital mileage odometer on a Dodge?
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What does no bus mean in the digital mileage odometer mean on a 1999 Chrysler cirrus?

The communication system for the computers has failed.

What does done mean on a digital mileage odometer on a Dodge Grand Caravan?

If you turn the key on and off three times in ten seconds, the system does a self check and flashes codes in the odometer. Done means it is done displaying codes, or there are no codes to display.

What does odometer discrepancy mean?

Means mileage is fishy for some reason.

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Relates to the Odometer Codes on the Arizona Department of Transportation Vehicle Division, Title Registration Application. It is a section of Checked Boxes A The Mileage stated reflects the actual mileage B The Mileage stated is in excess of the odometer's mechanical limits C The odometer reading is not the actual mileage. WARNING - ODOMETER DISCREPANCY

What does deck mean on the odometer on an 2008 Dodge Avenger?

The trunk lid is open.

When buying a car and they said mileage is 27k what does that mean?

It means the car has 27,000 mile on the odometer.

How do you reset digital odometer?

No way to really tell w/o knowing the exact type and brand of odometer. But usually there's a recessed button on the underside. Poking that with a pen or a matchstick usually resets the unit. If you mean to delete old mileage and "reset" with new mileage then it is a lot more complicated than above method, you will need to disassemble the odometer cluster and with the aid of special hardware/software/programmer recalibrate the mileage to your requirements. This job is not easy for those unfamiliar with it, and in most but not all cases is illegal.

What is ECM mileage mean?

The -E-ngine -C-ontrol -M-odule, or ECM recorded the vehicle mileage along with the odometer. The EMC mileage can be read by a scan tool at most dealerships or repair shops with the proper equipment. It is possible for the two mileages to differ slightly, but a large variance may indicate a faulty odometer, or possibly odometer tampering.

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It means your trunk is not closed all the way

What does a clear box A AZ title mean?

Relates to the Odometer Codes on the Arizona Department of Transportation What_does_box_c_on_a_Arizona_car_title_meanDivision, Title Registration Application. It is a section of Checked BoxesA The What_does_box_c_on_a_Arizona_car_title_meanstated reflects the actual mileageB The Mileage stated is in excess of the odometer's mechanical limitsC The odometer reading is not the actual mileage. WARNING - ODOMETER DISCREPANCY

What is the meaning of mileage of a vehicle?

There are two meanings actually. Mileage is sometimes loosely used to mean fuel economy (miles per gallon); and at other times it is used to mean the distance a certain vehicle has already traveled (as indicated in the odometer).

What does mileage mean?

How far a vehicle has gone since it was new. The difference between two readings of the odometer of a vehicle. Mileage (or gas mileage) also refers to a vehicle's fuel economy, specifically the number of miles it can travel on one gallon of fuel.

What buttons to push if no led display c280?

If you mean you cannot read the display on your mileage, odometer, and other items go to

What does no bus mean in the digital odometer on a jeep Cherokee?

The bus is the communication network between computers on the Jeep. No bus means the system has failed.

What does gascap mean in digital mileage odometer on a dodge ram truck?

If the vehicle diagnostic system determines that the fuel filler cap is loose, improperly installed, or damaged, a loose gascap indicator will display in the odometer display area. Tighten the fuel filler cap properly and press the TRIP button to turn off the message. If the problem continues, the message will appear the next time the vehicle is started. A loose, improperly installed, or damaged fuel filler cap may also turn on the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL).

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It means odometer.

Saturn Vue has a blinking 'C' in the digital display to the right of the temperature display above the odometer - what does the 'C' mean?


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It means that the odometer reading (mileage) on the vehicle does not legally need to be disclosed. That is likely because the vehicle is 10 years old or older. There are also other exemptions, such as a sale from a vehicle manufacturer to a car dealership. You can contact your state's department of motor vehicles for more info on whether or not you need to disclose the odometer reading.

What is odo mean on a car?


What is binary odometer?

An odometer is a device for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle. By binary we mean two.

What would cause 1998 dodge 1500 to waste gas?

If you mean, less fuel mileage, then: tune up run rich condition

2003 dodge ram 1500 no bus warning in the odometer reading. what does it mean?

It means that there is a failure in the communication system between the computers on your truck, you will need to have it diagnosed with a scan tool.

What is mileage?

Mileage is the number of miles traveled over in a given time. The word mileage is often associated with cars and relates to the number of mile that have been covered or the total distance that that car has traveled in its life time. People say "this car has good mileage" meaning that is has not traveled very far and therefore would be in good condition. Mileage can refer to 'how much mileage is on your vehicle?' (how many miles or kilometres are on the odometer) It can also mean 'how is the gas mileage on that vehicle?' (when you fill the gas tank, how many miles does it take you before it reads 'empty')

What is rollback on odometer mean?

Means the odo has been made to show less than the actual mileage. A fairly common trick to make a car look "better" if it is to be sold. It's illegal in many states.