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What does notice of acting mean?


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Someone gets a notice before action is taken.

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Don Pedro and Claudio notice that Benedick is acting oddly.

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Stealthy means being marked by or acting with quiet, caution, and secrecy intended to avoid notice. See synonyms at

To Tender Notice means in basic to GIVE NOTICE of an event. In employment terms tender notice would mean to resign or have a notice of termination of employment given to you. Business terms it can mean to give forwarning of ceasation of a contract, partnership etc

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to exaggerate in acting !

A mean person could be described as acting juvenile. A mean person could be described as acting jealous.

do you mean attaching the magazine= clip, to a rifle

Suggestive of the theater or of acting.

Dued if your gf is acting weird that means she is cheating on you or she planing a suprise for you.

The project was haphazard given its short notice. The acting was stiff and the writing was haphazard. The word haphazard is an adjective.

He will be acting different kind of guilty around you if he is like me (nice, sensitive) there are other things you will notice

Ignore-pretend not to notice.

if your friend is acting mean first try and find out why... (ask another close friend to help you do it) after that u can try and solve it out...

planning or plotting in advance of acting

Acting "fast" sexually for your age.

Someone who is acting like a vibrator.

It means acting madly or frenzied.

It means to be slow in acting or speaking.

I am assuming this is a typo; and you really mean "Which presidents former occupation was acting?" and the answer is; Ronald Reagan.

I'll give you the meaning and you have to notice the examples. states that a moving object accelerates because a force is acting on it.

intimation means a notice so it could relate to many things but can be a notice in the newspaper or notice of a death listed on a notice board in a public place.

to become aware of. to observe. to see.

You get the notice on the Xth of month A, and you have until the Xth of month B to be gone.

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