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Well now what can a poor guy do and life does go on, sad but true. Speaking from my own heart my advice would be to examine all options first off and never give up on the idea of this love.I mean most anything is possible if a person stays concentrated in thought on this love stuff. Thinking about it I'm afraid won't be quite enough to make it happen because we do have to work at it. I mean if we want something bad enough I suppose one could get it if we really really wanted it. If we think about something or someone long and hard enough, and we put energy into our target, then who's to say a guy can't have the love of his life!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 09:55:42
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Q: What does one do if he does not get the love of his life?
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What does one love one life mean?

One love, one life, means that you will only find one true love in your life.

How do you say 'One life one love one family' in Gaelic?

saol amháin, grá amháin for one life, one love.

What are the release dates for One Life One Love - 2014?

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How do i find the love of my life?

by find the one you like and tell them or have a friend tell them for you !

What are some purity ring vows?

Love Waits One Life One Love

Should you be with the one you love or the one that loves you?

The One That You Love. ♥ :) Answer You should be with the one you love. Life is too short to settle for less.

Where there is love there is life?

That statement is very true. It can also be stated that love is life. Love is light, love is any good thing one can think of.

Can love make a life?

Yes, love is a very powerful emotion. It is one thing that can help make your life.

What is life if there is no love?

One thing, Death.

What does Una Vida Un Amor mean?

I myself would translate this as one life, one love.Google Translator translates it as love life.

How do you say 'love life' in Finnish?

There is many ways to say 'love life' in Finnish, but the most common one is 'seksielämä' (sex life). You can also say 'rakkauselämä' (love life).

Love is life it is true?

"love is a part of life but love is not whole life..... In life we have all types of feelings like love, hate, liking, humor, irritation, n so on... love is a part we need to keep on distributing love to every one and get back there love towards us. loving parents is one type of love. loving children is one type, loving god, loving husband/wife is another type... so we have so many types of love... we should be kind and whole heart to everything so that everything in life look beautiful and life will be so happy" raki

How does the love life of the students affect their academic performance?

If one of the partners is not volenteer to be a friend and the one fall in love.

What do you do when the love of your life has played you?

Love is always a game, the one who plays with integrity wins it.

Does he mean i love you?

love is when two person love each other and would give off their life just to be with the one they love

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One can get a psychic reading about their love life from a number of different places. This includes a mystic in their local area, or one that can be contacted online, e.g. Best Mediums.

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if love love a women,love as same as someone is very important in our life, no one is more important than her..

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A love in life means that you love life so much.

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Who said that a healthy life consists of love and work?

no one

What is the number one injury in auto mechanics?

Your love life....

What is the meaningof life?

The meaning of life is to love every minute of it. Live life to the fullest because it is the only one you have.

How can i know I'm in love?

you know yu in love when you feel that that person is the right one and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.