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Go on with your life and play your partner's game by letting him or her know that it is you who is not in a hurry.

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Where can one get information about divorce proceedings?

One may get information about divorce proceedings by using the resources at Divorce Aid. They provide guides on the legal requirements and the process of divorce.

Can you get a divorce if one partner is in hospice?

Yes a person can get a divorce if one partner is in hospice.

How does one become a respondent in a divorce case?

One can become a respondent in a divorce case when their partner files for a divorce. The one who files the divorce is the petitioner and the other partner is the respondent.

In divorce proceedings what affect would it have on the court to discover that one partner got engaged to someone else before filing for divorce?

In all likelihood, the likelihood is "no effect at all". But there are differences in the laws from state to state, so it is wise to discuss this with a divorce lawyer.

How does infidelity fit in with divorce proceedings?

In this day and age, infidelity doesn't play a huge role in a divorce. You can use it as one of the reasons you are fling.

What is the job of a divorce attorney?

A divorce attorney's job is to represent one party in divorce proceedings and negotiate the splitting of assets between the two parties as well as negotiating alimony.

How do you dissolve your Vermont civil union if one partner lives in New Hampshire and the other in Massachusetts?

A civil union can only be dissolved by divorce proceedings. Vermont has a one-year residency requirement for divorce. However, both New Hampshire and Massachusetts recognize a Vermont civil union as a legal marriage. Therefore, either spouse can file for divorce in either NH or MA.

Can a person get a divorce if both parties are incarcerated?

Yes, a person can get a divorce if both parties are incarcerated. One of the parties will have to hire an attorney to get the proceedings started.

What is motion to vacate dismissal of divorce?

It helps to break it down. Divorce we can take as understood. Dismissal of divorce is a decision in which divorce proceedings are "dismissed", that is, stopped. A motion to vacate is a request to nullify (make void, set aside) a previous judgement. So, all in all, it comes out to: There were divorce proceedings. One of the parties filed to have them dismissed so there would be no divorce. The judge did so. Now someone (possibly the other party, possibly the first party changed their mind) is seeking to have that judgment vacated so the divorce proceedings can continue.

Do both parties in a divorce have to show up in court?

No.... If the none attending spouse doesn't contest to the divorce. Also if one of the spouses does not show the spouse that shows is granted what they request in the divorce proceedings

Can one start divorce proceedings if their marriage has not been consummated within a week?

An annulment is what one would obtain for an unconsummated marriage.

Filed for divorce years ago since then got married how do you correct the divorce if no decree was issued?

If the divorce was not completed then you are still legally married to your first partner. You will need to complete the divorce proceedings and get the decree issued. As you can only be married to one person at a time, your second marriage is not binding, and will not be recognised by law, so you will need to hold another ceremony after the decree is issued if you want the second marriage to be legal and binding.

Who is responsible for medical bills after divorce has been final for one year?

If no provisions were set up during the divorce proceedings, medical bills would revert to the person receiving treatment.

If one partner in a marriage wants a separation and divorce can the other partner say no I won't give it and block the first partners ability to get one?

Yes. A divorce must be mutual between the two partners. In some states and provinces, the partners must also give reason as to why they wish to divorce. I believe the only exceptions are in the event that one partner has commited adultery or has harmed/abused the other partner in some way, in which case the other partner (ie, the one who was cheated on or who was abused) has the right to call for a divorce without mutual consent. Answer A person can be required to attend a hearing to show cause if they will not sign the divorce papers. Besides the legalities though, it seems more practical to sign the papers, since a marriage or partnership needs both people to be committed to the the relationship.

If one partner in a marriage wishes a separation and divorce Can the other partner refuse this thereby blocking the first partners ability to get one?

If your partner is unhappy, it will hurt you if you don't want to leave them. Yet, you cannot stop them from getting a divorce. If they can't divorce you, they will leave you. It will hurt but you will heal. It will take some time. You just have to know that you chose to marry them and something went wrong. If the partner does not want to work it out, don't argue or beg or plead, let them leave. They will be happy and eventually you will be happy too.

If Married in Canada divorce back home will Canadians accept those divorce papers?

Canadian divorce law requires a residency of one year in Canada (continuous) from one of the divorcees. This basically means if you want a divorce in Canada you (or your partner) must move back for a year before the government will grant a divorce.

Is it a sin if one partner wants a divorce but not the other?

From what I understand of the issue within Christianity it is a sin if anyone in the marriage wants to divorce, but if one partner does not want it then that person has not actually committed the sin until they agree to the other's wishes. You probably need a Cannon Lawyer to get the detail right on this though.

Can he remove my name from property after divorce?

After a divorce, the court will determine how the assets should be distributed. One partner cannot remove the name of the other from property without the court's ratification.

What are good reasons for divorce?

actually it all deperns on you or the person who wants the divorce. do you want to remain in the marriage? are you still in love with your partner? or did you become fully aware that your partner is cheating and you want out because you cannot saty in a marriage that at one point have or had three people included in it?

Can just saying talakh talakh talakh three times one get divorced?

No. You have to go through legal proceedings to get a divorce. The only way saying "talakh talakh talakh" three times might get you a divorce is if your spouse hears you and thinks you're crazy.

How much money will alex rodregez have when he retires?

It appears that Alex Rodriguez is involved in divorce proceedings, and his wife could get up to half of his money, so no one knows what he'll have when he retires.

If you have been living in a different home and county for 2 years is it easier to get a divorce in Ohio?

It would be much much easier if one of the parties lived out of state. This will quicken the proceedings based on desertion.

What happens if one partner hides assetts in divorce?

You have the right to tell your attorney so that he/she can bring this up in court. You may be eligible for a share in the assets.

Where can one find information on filing a divorce online?

In the event that you're considering a divorce from your partner there are a variety of sources you can refer to for information. The UK government provides all the resources and information you need online to need to file a divorce, as well as giving a breakdown on the process of what can be a difficult process.

How does a same-sex married couple obtain a divorce in California?

At least one spouse must have lived in Canada for a minimum of one year before filing for divorce. The process is the same as for any other divorce. One partner files a petition in court and follows the prescribed procedure until a judge signs a divorce decree. The process can include hearings and settlement conferences. It is simpler if there are no children and no real estate.

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