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What does pacific rim means?

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Far Eastern countries and markets bordering the Pacific Ocean.. answered by Tarzan

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Where exactly is the Pacific Rim?

The Pacific Rim is large. It encompasses all of the lands around the rim of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the western United States is included in the Pacific Rim.

What countries does the pacific rim touch?

Countries of the Pacific Rim The "Pacific Rim" includes the countries that lie along the Pacific Ocean. Plus, the island countries of the Pacific

When was Pacific Rim released?

Pacific Rim was released on 07/12/2013.

What was the Production Budget for Pacific Rim?

The Production Budget for Pacific Rim was $190,000,000.

Why are there more cities along the Pacific Rim than along the steppes?

There is much more trade available on the Pacific Rim.

How long has the Pacific rim been named the Pacific rim?

The OED, tells us that the term Pacific Rim first appeared in 1926, and refers to 'the countries and regions which border the Pacific Ocean'.

How much money did Pacific Rim gross worldwide?

Pacific Rim grossed $411,002,906 worldwide.

When was Pacific Rim International School created?

Pacific Rim International School was created in 1989.

Which continents are not part of the Pacific Rim?

Europe, Africa, and Antarctica are not considered part of the Pacific Rim.

Who is bigger pacific rim or Atlantic rim?

The Pacific Rim is much bigger than the Atlantic Rim. The rim is the entire distance around the body of water which is surrounded by land or other bodies of water.

What type of region is the pacific rim?

the Pacific rim is a trading region (got this out of my textbook so it is correct)

What chain of volcanoes lines the pacific rim?

Ring of Fire is the chain of volcanoes which line the Pacific rim.

What countries in the middle east are on the pacific rim?

None. The Middle East is nowhere near the Pacific Rim.

How much money did Pacific Rim gross domestically?

Pacific Rim grossed $101,802,906 in the domestic market.

What does the pacific rim include?

The Pacific Rim is described as all the lands that surround the Pacific. These include lands in Asia, North America and Oceania.

What is the nickname for the war that ended in the pacific?

Pacific Rim

Which continents are part of the Pacific Rim?

Asia, North America, South America, and Australia are part of the Pacific Rim.

Who is in the pacific rim?

The countries that are surrounding the Pacific rim are Japan, South Korea, china, Taiwan, and the United States.

Who directed Pacific Rim?

Pacific Rim is a science fiction monster movie. It was directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Is the movie Pacific Rim good?

Yes , Pacific Rim received positive reviews from both critics and audiences .

When was Pacific Rim - film - created?

Pacific Rim - film - was created on 2013-07-12.

When was Pacific Rim National Park Reserve created?

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve was created in 1970.

Why was the movie named Pacific Rim?

The movie was named Pacific Rim because the giant creatures cross a portal located on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

How did the end of World War 2 impact the states of the pacific rim?

The US had more influence over the pacific rim.

What ties exist between the people of British Columbia and the Pacific Rim?

The Pacific Rim refers to the countries and cities located around the edge of the Pacific Ocean