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Peerage is the rank, title, or jurisdiction of a peer or peeress; a duchy, marquisate, county, viscountcy, or barony.

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Q: What does peerage in the UK mean?
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Can someone stay a UK MP in the House of Commons after receiving a Peerage?

No, a Lord may not be a member of the House of Commons. He would have to revoke his peerage to become an MP.

When was Burke's Peerage created?

Burke's Peerage was created in 1826.

When was The Complete Peerage created?

The Complete Peerage was created in 1887.

When was Hereditary Peerage Association created?

Hereditary Peerage Association was created in 2002.

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What is the royal rank of a duke?

traditionally a Duke is ranked just below a king or queen, it is the highest peerage in the UK, that's why prince phillip is a Duke

What is the highest level of the peerage?

A Duke is the highest rank in the British Peerage. See the related question link below.

What is the lowest grade of British peerage?

Baron It should be noted also that: In Scotland, a Baron is called a Lord of Parliament There are five categories of British peerage and they have a hierarchy themselves: 1. Peerage of England 2. Peerage of Scotland 3. Peerage of Ireland 4. Peerage of Great Britain 5. Peerage of United Kingdom Also peerages are ranked based on creation date. Therefore a Baron of the United Kingdom is a lower grade than a Baron of England, and the lower of two Baronies of the United Kingdom would be the one created most recently. Hope that edit helps! TomPC

What do you think about the rush of some US citizens to buy a peerage?

why are some of the motives of the rush of some us citizens to buy a peerage

What is a Beaufort?

A Beaufort is a dukedom in the English peerage.

What is a peeress?

Lady: a woman of the peerage in Britain

What has the author R P Gadd written?

R. P. Gadd has written: 'Peerage law' -- subject(s): Peerage, Law and legislation

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