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Personal lines refers to Property and Casualty insurance for an indivdiual as opposed to a business. These would include Homeowners, Renters, Auto, Personal Umbrella etc.

If you are looking to become a personal lines insurance agent, you need to review your the insurance license requirements. Your state insurance department may or may not have a study requirement to complete "X" number of credit hours to take the state exam before selling personal lines insurance policies.

For example, Alabama Department of Insurance requires 20 Course Hours online for Personal Lines insurance licensing before registering for the exam with the state board. You may take Self-Study, Online or Classroom courses.

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Q: What does personal lines insurance mean?
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Is life insurance personal lines insurance?

No personal lines refers to personal property and casualty coverage like homeowners, renters, auto and personal umbrella coverage.

What is the difference between a personal lines agent and a general lines agent?

A personal lines agent deals with homeowners and auto insurance. A general lines agent deals with commercial insurance, bail bonds, life, accident, and health insurance.

What is a personal lines csr?

A personal lines customer service representative offers insurance services for consumers. They sell products like life and health insurance directly to people.

What is a personal lines insurance agent?

A Personal Lines Insurance Agent is a person who sells you insurance for your home, boat, car, motorcycle, umbrella, rental dwelling, vacant property, things that you own personally and not used in business.

Is a CSR required to be licensed in the state of Nevada for personal lines insurance?


Will your car be covered by your employers insurance if you have an accident using your own car for them?

Generally no, and it could get a little interesting if you are running errands for your employer. Your personal auto insurance policy does not cover commercial use. You need a commercial lines policy, not personal lines.

In what divisions is the Lexington Insurance Company involved?

The Lexington Insurance Company is involved in the following divisions: casualty, programs, healthcare, property, captives/ART, and personal lines insurance.

Who has the best insurance for construction and renters ins?

It is not likely you will find a single insurer with the best offering for both of these insurance categories. Construction Insurance is a Commercial lines Policy while Renters Insurance Is a Personal Lines Policy. That's kinda like trying to mix apples and oranges.

What is a 20-44 Florida insurance license?

It is the St of FL Personal Lines Insurance Lic. Basically you can service and sell insurance with this lic. for Auto, Home and small vessels.

How is general liability insurance different from comprehensive general liability insurance?

General Liability Insurance is just a form of Liability in the commercial sector. There is a difference in coverages offered in Personal Lines as opposed to commercial or business lines. A broader scope of coverage is needed if you are involved in a commercial (business) venture.

What is the definition of Personal Injury Insurance?

you need to look into : life protection insurance, accident insurance (will cover personal injury)to cover yourself against an accident you need to look for an accident insurance.There is no PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE. its called different.Personal Injury InsurancePersonal injury insurance is an insurance provided to ensure that should you suffer an accident or injury, you are paid a lump sum to ease the financial burden in the event.Personal injury covers a number of accidents and injuries. There is a distinct difference between personal injury insuranceand a personal injury claim.In effect, personal injury insurance is the same as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) insurance.

When was The Personal Insurance Company created?

The Personal Insurance Company was created in 1974.

What does journal mean on an insurance invoice?

it means something that u write in about your personal things

What is Personal Possessions Insurance?

Personal Possessions Insurance is a type of insurance to protect your belongings when you are away from home. Many different insurance companies offer this insurance.

What does Erie insurance have to offer that other companies dont?

Erie Insurance offers home, life, health, business and auto insurance. Many other companies also offer multiple lines of insurance. Erie promises their customers personal attention, but so do most insurance companies.

What kinds of insurance does Personal Umbrella Insurance cover?

Personal Umbrella Insurance covers what your regular insurance doesn't. The most common types are car and home insurance.

Where can you get personal insurance at?

You can purchase personal insurance from any insurance company either online or in an actual store front insurance company. It is important to have personal insurance so perhaps ask some of your friends or business associates who they are insured with.

What is covered for personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance provides additional coverage to other insurance policies. Without personal liability insurance, any thing that one's home or car insurance could not cover, one would have to pay out of pocket. Personal liability insurance will cover those fines.

Where can you purchase personal injury insurance?

Personal injury insurance is something that can be added on to most auto insurance plans. Many companies such as All State, Progressive, and Nationwide all offer personal injury insurance.

What does personal insurance cover?

Personal insurance can cover a wide array of things. It can cover your property, your valuables, even your best interest if you are in business. There is also personal health insurance.

Does your farm bureau home owners insurance cover you if you are working in someone elses home?

Homeowners insurance policies are personal lines coverage and typically do not provide coverage for commercial or work related activities.

Where can you get insurance for retail sporting goods including guns and inside archey range?

If you mean for personally owned goods, most insurance companies sell personal property policies or personal property riders, and you can list almost any personal property that you own.

What do you mean by e-insurance?

e-insurance is just simply an online, web based brokerage. The cost of insurance there is the same as any other brokerage. You just give up the convenience of personal service.

What is insurance code 096?

Personal service insurance

Why do insurance companies ask personal questions?

Insurance companies ask "personal" questions simply because they need to know if your eligible for the insurance or not.