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What does portare per omnia mean?


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To carry through everything.

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It means "Holy world to bring" Santo = holy mondo = world portare = to bring

The Latin word portare means "passage" in English. The Latin word itself comes from the Greek word poros which means "journey; passage; way."

In omnia paratus means IN ALL THINGS BE PREPARED

'Amor Vincit Omnia' in latin means 'Love conquers all' in English.

English word portable, import, export, all come from portare

"All things excellently."

He (or she) learns all things.

It means "Everything with God".

"To bring" is an English equivalent of the Italian word portare.Specifically, the Italian word is a verb that means "bring, carry, take, wear." It is the present form of the infinitive. The pronunciation is "pohr-TAH-reh."

Per = through, throughout, duringomnia = allsaecula = ages, indefinitely long periodssaeculorum = of agesThis phrase is more often seen without the word omnia, but the meaning is the same: "during ages of ages", or less literally and more simply "for ever and ever", "for all eternity".

All that is mine, I carry with me.

Crescent College's motto is 'Crescentes in Illo Per Omnia'.

"Labor conquers all".(In the form Labor omnia vincit, or "hard work conquers all", it is the state motto of Oklahoma.)

Omnia is simply Latin for everything.

"Remember: All things have [their] time."

Metropolitan Borough of Islington's motto is 'Deus Per Omnia'.

In modern English that is 'to carry'.

The sentence best translates from Latin to mean "This is an evil infant, it will destroy us all." nos omnia->all of us/everything perde->lose/destroy eam->it

Samsung Omnia W was created in 2011.

To carry water = Aquam portare

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