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What does precision processor in intelligence quote mean?

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There is no quote stating "precision processor in intelligence" although one may use it in a statement or speech. If you break it down you can understand what it is. It's basically used most often in the military (that's where it came from.) Precision means "the ability of a measurement to be consistently reproduced ... precision bombing." It is also used in science. This means "no room for error." Processor is the person that is the intellect and offering the plan of precision. "Intelligence" is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge and the faculty of thought and reason. Thus, you get "This person of intelect has come up with a no fail plan or solution to a problem." Simply put.

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What does precision mean as it relates to scientific measurement?

Precision refers to how close the values in a set of data are with respect to each other. An indication of precision is given by the mean deviation from the mean of a set of readings (Standard deviation also will do): Mean deviation from mean = Summation (Modulus(X - mean)) / n where X denotes the individual readings and n is the number of readings taken. A small mean deviation from mean indicates high precision.

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