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What does recumbent mean?

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Recumbent means lying back or lying down, or resting or leaning against something.
Back lying position, the client's head and shoulders are slightly elevated on a small pillow and is used to provide comfort and facilitate healing following certain surgeries or anaesthetics.
what is the purpose of dorsal examinaton position in physical examination?

to determine if a person isfaking a sciatic nerve problem
Dorsal Recumbency is lying on the back.

Dorsal = Back

Recumbent = lying down

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What does the word recumbent mean?

Lying down.

How do you use recumbent in a sentence?

The man is in a recumbent position. I looked out the window and saw my mother in her lounge chair, recumbent and dead to the world.

What is a recumbent fold?

A recumbent fold has nearly horizontal axial surfaces.

What is another name for the horizontal recumbent position?

dorsal recumbent position

Is the recumbent exercise bike better than the semi-recumbent exercise bike?

Well a "semi-recumbent" fits about halfway between an upright and a full recumbent. Recumbent bikes have a chair like seat and many models have handlebars next to the seat as well as in front of the seat, and also provide better back support, the Semi-Recumbent exercise bikes are the same design as recumbent except the seat position is higher you are in a more upright (less recumbent) position,

What is a sentence using the word recumbent?

In order to give blood, the patient is lowered into a recumbent position. He was recumbent on the couch, resting after an afternoon of chores.

Sentence with recumbent?

Recumbent means resting or leaning horizontally. An example sentence would be: When her feet hurt it helps to sit in a recumbent chair.

How do you put recumbent in a sentence?

The bike she rode was a recumbent bike and was more comfortable to ride.

When was TerraCycle - recumbent cycling - created?

TerraCycle - recumbent cycling - was created in 1996.

How do you use the word recumbent in a sentence?

I peeked in the window and saw Dillon in his favorite armchair, recumbent and dead to the world.The cat was asleep and totally recumbent. If I had not seen it move a few moments earlier, I would have thought it dead.The stem of the flower laid recumbent upon the pot in which it was planted."The hills in their recumbent posturesLook into the silent lake..."-Philip Larkin

What are the 5 basic position for bed rest?

upright position ,recumbent , semi recumbent , prone , recovery

What is an antonym of recumbent?


What rhymes with recumbent?


What is the medical term meaning any position in which the patient is lying down this can be on the back front or side?


What side is pt lying with right recumbent?

when positioning a pt what side are you putting pt on when said right recumbent

What does it mean to take an x-ray in recumbent position?

The recumbent position is one in which the patient is lying on his or her back. In the case of a chest x-ray, for instance, it's important to know the patient position so that the image can be analyzed appropriately.

Are there any American made recumbent bikes?

You can scroll the internet for American made recumbent bikes. One such company is Linear.

Can you adjust the resistance on the Proform 480 CSX Recumbent Bike?

This Recumbent bike features digitally adjustable resistance levels.

What is another word for recumbent?


What is recumbent DNA?

It's an acid.

How do recumbent exercise bikes compare to treadmills?

Both treadmills and recumbent exercise bikes offer aerobic exercise. Using a treadmill also exercises the whole body while running whereas in a recumbent bike the body is mostly stationary. However, recumbent bikes cause much less strain on weak knees and ankles.

If you purchase a home exerciser bike should you consider a standard or recumbent style?

A home exerciser bike is a great purchase to help you keep in shape, be it a standard or recumbent. If you have back problems, a recumbent might be easier for you to use without injury.

What is the lateral recumbent position?

The word lateral means toward the side. Recumbent means lying down. Together it means to lie on your side.

Does this Recumbent bike have many different settings for the seat?

Multisports-CardioCycle-4050R-Recumbent-Bike does have arrangement to adjust the angle and height of the seat.

What is laterally recumbent?

lying on your side and flat

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