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The colour red is traditionally an auspicious color in Chinese culture and represents happiness or good luck. At Chinese New Year, red packets are given out to relatives as a sign of luck and prosperity in the coming year. Chinese weddings usually feature red as a prominent color (instead of white as is the case in most western weddings). In almost all aspects of Chinese life, for thousands of years before the birth of Karl Marx, red has been a color of tantamount importance.

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Q: What does red symbolize for Chinese culture?
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What does color red symbolize?

In the chinese culture it represents luck. In western culture it can mean love or death or fire or passion.AnswerIn the Bible, red symbolizes wartime, bloodshed.

What does lotus flower symbolize?

it symbolizes longevity in the Chinese culture.

What does a lotus flower symbolize?

it symbolizes longevity in the Chinese culture.

In the Chinese culture what type of plant is used to symbolize for wisdom?


What does a yellow symbolize in Chinese culture?

In Chinese traditional culture, yellow (gold) symbolizes richness and nobleness, only royal families had the privilege to use it.

What symbolizes dragons in the Chinese culture?

The Chinese believe dragons are really important and symbolize a life of peace and happiness

Why is the color red important to the Chinese?

In Chinese culture, the colour red signifies 'Good Luck' and 'Prosperity'. It also symbolizes the red of the fire element in Chinese metaphysics. Red is a warm and exciting colour, found a lot in Chinese culture.

What does the color red symbolize to the Chinese?

The colour red means luck and regeneration in China. that is why it is used allot in Chinese festival's example: Chinese new year...)

Why do Chinese use red so much?

In Chinese culture the colour red is a symbol of luck and fortune.

What does the color red symbolize in the cambodian culture?

bad boy, dirt, monkey

What does the colour black symbolize in the Chinese culture?

In Chinese culture, the color black is associated with the element water, cold temperatures, the direction north, the planet Mercury and the season of winter.

What does a red door mean?

This is usually a custom in the Chinese culture. The Chinese paint their doors red as a sign of a new beginning in the Chinese new year.

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