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It's in Egyptian Arabic dialect not in Standard Arabic :

Sitt = ست = woman , lady

Sitti = ستي = My lady, and also Garndmother.

Sittie= Queen or princess or anything relating royal bloods

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Q: What does sitti mean in Arabic?
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What does sitti means?

Sitti is the Arabic word for Grandmother.

How do you write grandma in Arabic?

Sitti ( slang) Jeddati ( classic arabic)

How do you say i love grandmother in Arabic?

ana pohepe sitti

What is the birth name of Sitti?

Sitti's birth name is Sitti Katrina Navarro Baiddin.

What does Cit tee mean in Arabic?

Sitti (ستّي) is an informal name for grandmother, like "Nanna" would be in English. I have no idea what "Cit tee" would otherwise be.

When was Sitti Nurbaya created?

Sitti Nurbaya was created in 1922.

What is 'grandma' when translated from English to Lebanese Arabic?

Sitti is an Arabic word which means "my grandmother." It is not just the word for grandmother, but it also includes the personal pronoun "my" by the long ee ending.tayta

How many pages does Sitti Nurbaya have?

Sitti Nurbaya has 291 pages.

What is Sitti Navarro's birthday?

Sitti Navarro was born on November 29, 1984.

When was Sitti Navarro born?

Sitti Navarro was born on November 29, 1984.

What is Sitti Navarro known for?

Sitti Navarro is known for being a Filipino singer. If you want to know more information about Sitti Navarro, then you can check out her official Facebook page.

What is the ISBN of Sitti Nurbaya?

The ISBN of Sitti Nurbaya is 978-979-407-167-0.

How old is Sitti Navarro?

Sitti Navarro is 26 years old (birthdate: November 29, 1984).

What does esh mean in Arabic?

It mean What, in slang Arabic

What does Zing mean in Arabic?

What does zing mean in arabic

What does Unis mean in Arabic?

What does Eunnis mean in Arabic

What has the author Sitti Chamdiah written?

Sitti Chamdiah has written: 'Teori bahasa Indonesia' -- subject(s): Grammar, Indonesian language

What does it mean mean people in Arabic?

Mean in Arabic is : La2eem pronounced " Laeem " .

What does Cheyenne mean in Arabic?

Wht does cheyenne mean in arabic

What does Jennifer mean in Arabic?

Jennifer does not derive from Arabic, so it has no meaning in Arabic. You can transliterate Jennifer into Arabic as Jinifir (جينيفير), but it does not mean anything.

What does the name Nazia mean in Arabic?

nazia mean pride in Arabic

What does zebi mean in Arabic?

Zebi is not from Arabic, so it means nothing in Arabic.

What does anbara mean in Arabic?

In Arabic, it means anbara.

What does kosha mean in Arabic?

In Arabic kosha is a backdrop.

What does walahy mean in Arabic?

i swear to god in arabic

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