What does speakers and headphones look like?

you can tell its a speaker if its a box or shell, and one end has a grate or mesh covering, there will be a wire coming out of the side opposite to the grill. this wire needs to be plugged into your amp, computer, or sub woofer, depending on your PC audio setup, for more information, contact your PC manufacturer, or try www.fixya.com. Now onto headphones. you can recognize headphones by their distictive "U" shape. there will be bulbus ends on this "U" shape and on the inner part will be soft cusions. you want to invert this "u" so it looks like "n", then place the cusions over your ears so as to sit comfortably and completely cover them. plug the wire into a hole of the smae size with a picture of the headphones themselves near it, or the word "headphones". In all cases, a plugged in speaker or headphone will sound out if you play a song, etc. while plugged in.