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What does sunny girl mean?


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It's usually a compliment meaning happy and bringing light to others. x


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yes it does mean sunny hills

"Hay sol" is "there is sun" or "it is sunny." Sol can also mean sunny.

Yes, if by sunny you mean sunfish.

Demi lovato is the girl that comes out as sunny in sunny with a chance.

A sunny disposition is a term for someone who is cheery and friendly.

'Sunny spells' is like saying 'sunny periods' - it means it will be sunny for short periods of time throughout the day.

Hace sol means sunny or it is sunny.

A sunny day is a day without clouds and by association can also mean a happy day.

hyuuga means "sunny place"

"Bright And Sunny Town"

She was very beautiful, lovely and a sunny girl.

If you see light, then yes it is sunny. However if you mean during the day time, it depends on the weather.

three, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. They are all intelligent children. There are also the Quagmire triplets and Camilla ( the mean girl in Austere Academy)

It's not an idiom. It means just what it says -- it's either going to rain that day, or it will be sunny.

In USA, Sunny is classed as a girls name. However, in the U.K, it's mainly a name for a male. My name's Sunny. It's my nickname from Sunil. I know 8 Sunny's here in the U.K and they're all male.

The girl in the 1999 video for Lonestarâ??s song Amazed is Sunny Mabrey. She is an actress, singer, and songwriter.

if it is a boy maybe buster or hammy. if it is a girl honey or sunny

Pollyanna was a novel which came out in 1913 about an optimistic young girl. The name Pollyanna has since become synonymous for people who always have a sunny disposition and believe the best in everything and everyone.

The cast of The Girl of the Sunny South - 1913 includes: Sol Alkin as Mose Eugene Barrington George Morgan as Henry Searelle Herbert Redding Louise Vale as Grace Merridew

That basically means sunny garden

He was mean to Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire.

Intermittent clouds mean it will be mostly sunny with periods of cloudiness from time to time.

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