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Q: What does survey abbreviation PGL mean?
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What is the abbreviation for survey?


Is PGL nice?

pgl is extremely nice. the staff are great and the activities are cool!

What is a Netball PGL?

A Netball PGL is a game of netall that is PROFFESIONAL GAMING LEAGUE

Are Sikhs allowed to go PGL?

yes they are. there are some sikh explorers and go outs and boauts so it the same thing as PGL we are allowed to go PGL.

What does the abbreviation Enc at the end of a business letter mean?

This means that there is some form of enclosure with the letter--a resume, a statement, a brochure, a survey, etc.

What does the soil type FeD mean?

Soil type "FeD" is the abbreviation for a soil map unit, and it is specific to the soil map/survey. That is, more than one soil survey might have labeled a map unit "FeD," and each soil survey might use that abbreviation to represent a completely different soil. Look in the soil survey book where you found FeD. If you found this on the USDA's Web Soil Survey, the soil name should have been supplied in the legend.

Where can one find information about PGL holidays?

One can find information about PGL holidays on the official website of PGL. The website offers information about school, groups, adventure and family holidays as well as other information.

Is the France trip at PGL good?


How tall is the pgl swing?

40 foot

What is the postcode of pgl liddington?

Sn4 0dz

What is the abbreviation USGS for?

The USGS is the United States Geological Survey. Please see the related link.

What the conclusion about environment marketing?

tu pgl h