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What does taken their toll mean?


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A toll is a payment for traveling on a certain road, called a toll road. If something has "taken its toll," it has somehow taken something out of you - not literal payment, but emotional and/or physical energy.

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If something has taken a toll on your body, it has been "physically stressful" or "taxing".

"Love Has Taken Its Toll" was a single off Foreigner's 1978 album Double Vision.

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A toll is something you have to pay. Usually a fee for using a certain road for instance. Toll-free then is an option to do something similar w/o having to pay for it.

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The name Travis means 'Toll Collector'.

If you mean to contact the actual company operating the toll-free number - simply call it, and ask for the company's contact details !

Directory enquiry service. Just because the number is toll-free doesn't mean the number is unlisted.

A toll road (or tollway, turnpike, toll highway or an express toll route) is a privately or publicly built road for which a driver pays a toll (a fee) for use. Structures for which tolls are charged include toll bridges and toll tunnels. Non-toll roads are financed using other sources of revenue, most typically fuel tax or general tax funds. The building or facility in which a toll is collected may be called a toll booth, toll house, toll plaza, toll station, toll bar or toll gate.So a toll booth was invented in order to collect taxes to pay for the building of roads.

1. A fee charged for a service. 2. To sound a bell slowly.

It means that there is a part of the road - if you're travelling on it, that will require you to pay a toll, and part of it that will not. Like on I87, if you're just driving on it through the Bronx, you won't have to pay a toll, but if you're taking it towards upstate, there's a point where you will. That's all it means. On the flip side, there are other roads, like the NJ Turnpike, where no matter where you enter or exit, you will have to pay a toll. Those are not partial toll roads. They are plain ol' toll roads. =))

The M6 Toll is the largest toll road in the UK.

do you mean toll? if you do stand in front of it and say :toll 10 P.S. do you know how to make your own furniture in Flex Hotel?

Toll is the abbrivation of

depends on the context. But these will usually work:erstaunlichunglaublichfantastischtoll

Don't you mean turnpike? A turnpike is an expressway, especially one on which a toll is charged.

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