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well, he either likes you, or he knows that you like him and is trying to make it not obvious.

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Why can't the outgoing guy you like always be himself around you but only sometimes when he can totally be himself around anyone including strangers and it's been a year?

Maybe he feels that you are to good for him and he feels that if he is himself and does something stupid you'll break up with him.

Why can't the outgoing guy you like always be himself around you when he can totally be himself around anyone including strangers?

He's nervous around you- he likes you. He's worried about what you will think of him if he acts kinda weird.

Will an outgoing guy act more outgoing around a girl he likes?

Yes,because he knows that he has to act like himself around the one he likes.

Will an outgoing guy more likely be more outgoing or shier around a girl he likes?

The guy will most likely try to be more outgoing than he really is and end up messing up and embarrassing himself.

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like is shy around you?

It Means He Likes You , And Not Use To Being Around You And Afraid To Be Himself . You Have To Get That Other Side Out Of Him And Let Him Know Its Ok To Be Himself Around You . Make Him Feel Comfortable .

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like is sometimes outgoing around you but sometimes shy around you and shows some signs of interest and says hi to you in a different way?

it means he has PMS...lol jk, um... i think he probaly thinks of u diferently from everyone else... now how, that's a mystery

Why would the confident outgoing guy you like only smile and wave when he says hi to you and can only talk about random things when he always says hi excitedly to others and can say anything freely?

He probably is outgoing and confident like you think but gets shy around you! He probably gets shy around you because he likes you and doesn't want to embarrass himself by saying something stupid!

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like is an extrovert around you sometimes and an introvert only around you sometimes?

it means that when he's an extrovert he really wants you to notice him and when he's an introvert around you it probably means that he likes you but doesn't wanna show it in front of his friends

What does that mean if an outgoing guy can't totally act himself around you for over a year?

That means either he's not really into you or he really likes you and i very shy about being around you.

How come an outgoing guy that you like can be both more outgoing and shier around different girls?

an outgoing guy willbe outgoing with the girls who are his friends.believe me outgoing guys can be extremely shy too.he will be shy with the girl he likes from his heart.

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like sometimes can be himself around you but sometimes can't when he can talk to anyone including strangers easily?

Shy, keyword shy. Happens to me sometimes - like when I go somewhere new and I'm meeting complete new kids that I'm supposed to "hang" with. I'm a 13 year old boy, and right where I am in life. Believe me - this happened with my crush... :)

How do you know if a normally confident outgoing guy is shy around you?

he's normally more polite and courteous, not putting himself in the spotlight as much but watching you more........................

Was Sacajawea always around Lewis and clark?

no, sometimes she had to do other things.

There is this guy and he knows I like him He is very outgoing and he doesn't say anything but hi sometimes Can this outgoing guy actually be shy just around me?

It is possible if he knows you like him. Mostly boys don't know how to deal with such situations, so you should talk to him to break the ice.

What are the attitudes of Nick Jonas?

well nick Jonas is very shy and quet and to himself but, when he is around people that he really know like for years and like his brothers he is really outgoing and fun to be around!:)) i don't know him personally and i havent met him but, he seems like a really good guy!but, you know loks and kinda fool ya sometimes!

How do you tell if a lad likes you?

Guy's can be very hard to read sometimes, it depends on if he is a shy person or a outgoing person... if he's shy he will probably just look at you alot and look away when you look at him he might even ask your friends about you, smile at you... sometimes have trouble talking to you... haha sometimes its funny to watch, kinda cute. if he's outgoing then if he likes you he will ask you out, he wont stuff around. hope that helps you..

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