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There are 7 pullies the belt must cross. Starting at the Altenartor, and working CLOCKWISE: Under the Alntenator OVER the top left UNDER the removable pulley OVER the FAR Right upper pulley, then circle around it OVER the middle right pulley, then circle around it to the RIGHT OVER on the RIGHT of the lowest (and largest) pulley on the right OVER the Center Left Pulley, back down and UNDER the Altenator sorry for the lack of techinicla names for the pullies, but the idea should be easy enough if you are looking at the front end of your engine

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Q: What does the 1993 Jeep Cherokee serpentine belt replacement diagram look like?
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The 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee takes 20" replacement windshield wiper blades on both sides front and an 11" or 12" rear wiper blade.

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When investigating possible problems in a car it is important to have a diagram in which to compare looks. A steering wheel column diagram for this car can be found in the cars maintenance manual.

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There should be a sticker with the diagram on the right strut tower. If it is no longer there the way to find the information (and a lot more related to your vehicle) would be to buy a Haynes manual for your model from an auto parts store or go to your local library and look in a Chilton manual. Most libraries will copy the page containing the pertinent info either free or for a nominal fee. Local libraries also have Chilton's and Haynes repair manuals. Look for the year and make of the car, and there will be a diagram for serpentine belt replacement. Make sure the diagram is for the engine you have.

Does a 1993 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo with a 42RE transmission have a control module that has to be reprogrammed after replacement?

It does have a computer, no programming should be necessary.