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What does the 20 mattresses means in the story of the princess and the pea?

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The 20 matresses were stacked on top of one another with a single pea under them all to see if the body of the maiden would bruse. If it did bruse, she was truly a princess.

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How many mattresses did the princess sleep on in the original story of The Princess and the Pea?


How can a princess feel a pea under twelve mattresses and twelve thick covers?

In the story, the princess had only slept on perfect mattresses. Therefore, she somehow had the sensitivity to feel the single pea under the mattresses of the new bed.

The princess and the pea what does pea mean in the story?

If you had read this story as you were supposed to do for your homework, you would know that the queen places a pea beneath a huge stack of mattresses where the princess is going to sleep. You have to read the assignment to see why she does this and what happens afterwards.

Who is the antagonist of the story the princess and the pea?

The pea

Who is princess Olivia in the princess and the pea?

Princess and the Pea is a fairy tale about a Princess and an allergy or something to a pea in her bed- and a succession of decked mattresses... as far as I know it is only a fairy tale and not based on any real people- such as Anastasia or Princess Diana.

What is the problem in the story in the princess and the pea?

Sensitivity. In this story the Prince is looking for a sensitive Princess one that has feelings, one who can feel things and have emotions.The story of 'The Princess and the Pea' is very deep in its tale that shows the class differences between the nobility and the commoner. In the story the real princess is sensitive to the pea being under the mattress. Most of the nobility were NOTsensitive.A Prince wants a wife.Can't find a true princess out of many he visits.A young lady comes to his door and is soaking wet from head to toe.The young lady claims to be a real princess.A test is devised.She must sleep on 20 mattresses with a pea on the bottom.She feels the pea in the mattress.And is claimed to be a real princess.I think the problem in princess and pea is that the princess can't sleep well...

What is the solution of the princess and the pea?

Basically, the princess sleeps on twenty mattresses and blankets, and feels the pea so they know she's delicate enough to be a real princess. She marries the prince and they live happily ever after.

What is the moral of the The Princess and the Pea story?

it is to be honest

Moral of the princess and the pea?

Notice in the story, when the Queen let the Princess sleep at the twenty mattresses she graciously agreed. And when the princess past the test, the Prince marry her but not just because she's a real Princess. He marry her because she graciously agreed to sleep on the top of the twenty mattresses as the Queen let her. So, the Princess has a good character! :D ♥♥ I don't think its the best answer! :D

What will keep a true princess awake all night no matter how many soft mattresses she sleeps on?

A pea! lol

Is the pea of the fairy tale the princess and the pea placed in the gallery?

The story says "yes"

Does Princess Pea of the Tale of Despereaux get married?

Princess Pea is a human princess, and Despereaux is a mouse, and they're best friends, so that means no..

What is the Fairy Tale The Princess And The Pea About?

It is about a girl that was so delicate that even a pea under a lot of stacked up mattresses would bruise her. The idea was that a *true* princess would be that delicate and be able to detect a pea under the mattress when sleeping on a huge stack of them.

What is the resolution of the story the tale of despereaux?

The resolution is when Princess Pea and Despereaux are happy with the lives and Miggery and Rocuro are punished for what they did to Despereaux and Princess Pea.

Where did the princess and the pea take place?

This is not a real story. Where it takes place in the story is in a castle.

In the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea was the pea placed in the gallery?

I believe that in the fairytale The Princess and the Pea, there was a museum in the castle the pea was placed in there to acknowledge that that pea was how the princess was believed to be a true princess.

What is princess pea?

The princess and the pea is a story of a princess who somehow had to prove she was the real air to the throne (or something along that lines). She slept on a bed that had tons of matresses, and it was said that if she could feel a pea under them she was a real princess. She felt it and they all lived hapily ever after ;~D

What is the events of the story princess and the pea?

There once a beautiful princess, but nobody believed she was the true princess. They said "the real princess would be able to spot the smallest lump or bump." So to test this theory, they invited her to stay in the palace. The first night, they placed a pea underneath her mattress. The morning after, she complained that her bed wasn't very comfortable, but they thought it was just a fluke. So the night after, they added 2 more mattresses. She still complained about the uncomfortable lump in her bed. So they kept adding mattresses until it was 2 stories high. And even then, she still complained, so they deemed her the true princess of all the land.

What is the resolution the princess and the pea?

The queen and king realize that she has to be a princess if she can feel a tiny pea through 20 mattresses and blankets when she's sleeping

From what fairy tale is princess pea from?

Princess Pea is featured in The Tale of Despereaux.

Who is the author of the princess and the pea?

Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Princess and the Pea.

What happened to the princess that night in the princess and the pea?

She slept on the matress and felt the pea.

Who is the protagonist in the princess and the pea?

The Princess!

What do miggery sow and princess pea have in common?

Migerry sow had a wish. she wished that she could be a princess but no one listened and princess pea was a princess.

In which fairy tale would you find a stack of mattresses?

Princess and The Pea. this goes over big with some department stores who sell bedding gear!- such as Lord and Taylor. stacking the beds was supposed to add comfort, but. real problem was a pea.