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What does the 5 pointed star stand for?


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This is the usual form of symbolic or insignia star in the US. Used for battle stars, police badges- especially in Texas. Not only is Texas the lone Star state- but the word Texas has Five letters! Hence this type of star being used. The six pointed star or Star of David is of course associated with Jews and Israel and forms the central design of the Israeli flag, flanked by two blue horizontal bars on a white field.
Pentagram comes from the Greek word "pente", which means 5, and "gram" (to write). It refers to a five pointed star, or any figure of five lines. It has been a commonly used symbol since Babylonian and ancient Greek times.

To modern neo-pagans, the upright pentagram (one point facing upwards) represents the four earthly elements of earth, air, fire, and water, with the uppermost point as Spirit.

To Satanists, the downright pentagram (one point facing downwards), represents matter over spirit.

There are many historical links, and the pentagram has a long and famous lineage. The following links may provide useful for further study.