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What does the Catholic Church say about those who are late in coming to Mass?


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July 13, 2009 3:19AM

The Church says that those who are habitually late for Mass, or who are late without valid reason, may be showing laxness in their duty toward God. Since God is so great and we owe Him everything, any laxness in one's duty toward God is serious. Examples of people who might be late at times, but not for reasons of laxness: Families with infants and young children in tow are perpetually late - bless their hearts - mothers and fathers have their hands full getting squirmy little ones washed and dressed, fed, changed, gear packed, buckled into the car seats - and wait! Mass is almost over. And many seniors have arthritic joints and other health problems that cause pain and sap their strength and energy. No matter what they do, it can take forever for the aspirin to kick in so that they can get their stiff and sore hands moving to get dressed properly.