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Islam believes that God is shapeless, beyond human imagination. Hence by giving a shape to God in the form of an idol, one limits His size, shape etc. to what suits one's own sensory perception (which can be imperfect). Secondly, if one worships other gods (by making their idols or even otherwise), it is considered as "shirk" or attributing partners to Him, which is inacceptable to the One and Only Lord, and an unforgivable sin. This is where other religions differ from Islam. "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah". This is the foundation of Islam.

The Koran says "He is Allah, the One God, who is self sufficient, who has no son , nor has been born from someone, there is no one comparable to Him". (SURA IKHLAAS, Ch. 112) Hence, idols are not to be worshipped.

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Q: What does the Koran say about idol worship?
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Koran urges its followers to shun all kind of idol worship. A photo of Mohammed is prone to becoming just that. Hence these don't exist.

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The sentence speaks for itself - worshipping an ganesha idol is worship of an idol, because the statue itself is the object of veneration. However, worship of the god Ganesha through use of a statue or 'idol' of Ganesha need not be seen as idol worship. Many Christians pray before statues of saints and even of Jesus, but would never consider this to be idol worship.

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Jehovah witnesses don't worship and "idol" but worship Jehovah God

Why do the shiites worship?

shiites are Muslims and according Koran that is base of Islam laws any Muslim should worship.

How do Muslims worship inside the mosque?

Muslims can worship inside Mosques in form of Salah, Reciting Koran, Dhikr or any other way they want to worship Allah. In addition to obligatory five prayers a day they can also say additional prayers.

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Where do people worship if they are Muslim?

They worship their God using their scripture called the Koran which was written by the founder of their religion, Mohamed. They don't actually worship Mohamed.

Why is idol worship forbidden in Islam?

Because it is blasphemous to worship something created by a man.

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Choose one sin and outline the beliefs about justice in that religion?

Idol worship. idol worship is wrong according to the bible. The bible says idolworshippers shall not inherit the kingdom of god.

Who is the Islamic religion's idol?

There is no "idol" worshipped by Muslims. Muslims worship The Creator=Allah. Allah is a word only used for "The Creator" and cannot be pluralized or assigned to either gender. Idol worship is strickly forbidden in Islam and is what was prevelent in the pre-Islamic era/society. Muslims are not allowed to have statues, they worship The CREATOR not the created.

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Koran is the collection of revelations of prophet Muhammad and in Islam it is word of God and by reading Koran God talks human by mouth of human. when worship human talks God and when reading Koran God talks human.

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