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What does the awakening stone do in diamond?

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It wakes the sailer's boy up because he is in a nightmare

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Pokemon Pearl how to get Awakening stone?

there isn't a awakening stone but if a Pokemon is asleep use awakening buy that from pokemarts.

Where do you get an Awakening stone in Pokmon Diamond?

to get awakening stone talk to the sailor and he will tell you to help wake up his son say yes he will then take you to full moon island and you will find criselia. talk to it and it will leave.after it leaves you will see a pokeball grabit and the awakening stone should be ther go back to the sailor and he will take u back to wake up his son

Where can you find the awakening stone in dp?

Actually, its called the "Dawn Stone." There is no awakening stone. probably a Japenese word in english Cuz we might have changed it to Daen stone cuz we awaken at dawn

In Pokemon Ruby what is the awakening stone?

i think the awakening stone is the red orb or the blue orb... or do u need both... im not sure but i think those r the awakening stones.

What stone compares to a diamond?

No stone compares to a diamond.

Where do you get the awakening stone in Pokemon Ruby?

Not in Ruby

What Pokemon can evolve with awakening stone?


Is a stone a diamond?

You can call a diamond a stone, but not all stones are diamonds.

What gem stone is as hard as a diamond?

Only Diamond is as hard as diamond, and if their could be any gem stone as hard as diamond then it would definitely be Diamond.

How can you tell it is a diamond?

Take your stone to a local jeweler, who can use a probe to confirm that the stone is either a diamond, or not a diamond.

What type of stone is diamond?

Diamond is a gemstone.

Diamond has almost haze colour to light grey or black look to it?

Take your stone to a certified gemologist to confirm that it is a diamond. It could be a crystal stone of another type, and not a diamond. One reason why a diamond stone would appear hazy to the naked eye is because of flaws in the stone. If the stone is a diamond, it is probably not an expensive stone, given its apparent lack of clarity.

Who were the leaders of the second great awakening?

Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell were the two leaders of the second great awakening.

Where can you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, you can obtain a Water Stone in the underground in Sunyshore City.

What is more expensive a diamond or an emerald?

Stone for stone, a diamond is more expensive than an emerald.

What is less expensive sapphire or diamond?

Stone for stone, a diamond will cost more than a sapphire.

What stone can only be cut by diamond?

Diamond. Diamond is, for example, polished with diamond powder.

Shiny stone diamond?

The shiny stone is a TOGEPI evolution stone

Which is the hardest stone?

Diamond is the hardest precious stone

What is the best stone in Pokemon diamond?

thunder stone

What is a diamond of 0 carats called?

Zero carats means that there is no weight to the stone. Perhaps that the stone is not a diamond? There is no notation for a diamond equal to zero carats.

What it the strongest stone?


Who do you use a dusk stone on?

in pearl you use the dusk stone on misdreavus and in diamond you use the dusk stone on murcrow in pearl you use the dusk stone on misdreavus and in diamond you use the dusk stone on murcrow

What is a fracture of a diamond?

A diamond fracture is a break or a crack in the stone.

How do you make diamond on alchemy classic?

diamond = cacbon + stone