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What does the check engine light indicate is wrong on a 1992 Toyota Tercel?


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It is probably your EGR valve causing the check engine light. I recently bought a used 1997 Toyota Celica and had this exact problem. The new valve cost approximately $85 and fixed the problem right away.


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The check engine light on a Toyota Tercel can come on for a variety of reasons. It can be come on whenever there is a problem with the engine that needs attention. To reset it, disconnect the battery for a few minutes then re-connect it.

Check engine lights will not turn off in a vehicle until they are reset. To reset the light on a 1994 Toyota Tercel pull the ECU fuse.

The check engine light in a 2004 Toyota Tacoma can come on for many reasons. It could indicate an exhaust leak or a problem with the engine.

Check your Toyota owner"s manual, if it show you yes , then do it!

The check engine light comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, a check engine light is lit when there is a problem in the emissions or somthing that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions. If the check engine light is flashing a misfire has been detected

The same place you check the transmission fluid. Make sure the engine is warm and do not overfill. A funnel is a must.

If the check engine light is blinking that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

Is this a trick question? My answer is "there is no problem". It Depends on the code that will detrmined what the problem was. or what ever you fix it with was the problem

When you do a oil change on a 1986 Toyota Tercel it holds 4.5 quarts of oil. As recommended in the owners manual always double check your dipstick after changing the oil and putting in new oil.

get your starter check I had same problem it was faulty starter

It is important to pay attention and understand why the warning lights come on. The Check Engine light will flash because there is in issue within the cars engine, the number of flashes usually indicate the code number.

compression you should check that first or faulty injectors maybe look me up on youtube THA REAPER 94 tercel

I looked everywhere in the engine compartment, did not find anywhere to check the level of fluid, much less where a power steering pump was! Does that year model even have one?

18mm cold and 20 mm hot¹

how to discontect the engine light on a 2001 toyota camery ?

check you fuses under the driver side dash befor you replace

Check here for details:

I work in the auto parts business and you need to take it to a mechanic so he can run a diagnostic check and tell you exactly what is making the light come on.

The easiest way to reset the 2001 Toyota check engine light is to remove the check engine light fuse. The fuse can be found in the fuse box.

try unhooking positive side of battery it works on my 96 tercel if it comes back on something really is wrong

It is in the fuse box. Check all of the fuses with a test light.

Type your answer here... Hello how do you reset the check engine light on a 2003 Toyota 4runner. Thanks

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