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The code has a broad range of coverage- and governance. The advertising portions ban ads for alcohol, drug (including such things as pharmaceuticals) health products (again, excepting the harmless) tobacco, and generally firearms though some did sneak into full page ads. sometimes a joint ad would push both a BB-air rifle and a real firearm such as the Remington Fieldmaster (a pump-action weapon). as far as content goes, Horror titles were tightly controlled, certain themes and plot devices off limits- good guys have to win, as with most TV crime dramas (Like Dragnet). certain subjects were totally off limits- drug abuse for many years, psychotic episodes, anything that might be considered poking fun or making light of religion, Politics- at least asa regards political satire, though a defense secretary who looked llike a composite sketch of JFK/RFk launched an uncompromising attack on a beneficial space alien in one (Supergirl) episode which ended with the Alien"s death after he had cured a handicapped beggar or child. That was indeed pushing the high yellow! The Secretary of Defense was clearly doing his duty,. but, all the same was shown in a negative light.l (get the alien monster!) like ( Get the Communists!).