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The expression "Listen to your gut" refers to trusting one's instincts or intuition when making decisions or judgments, especially in situations where rational analysis might be difficult or inconclusive.

The "gut" here symbolizes the instinctive feeling or inner voice that guides a person's thoughts or actions. It suggests that sometimes, one's intuition or inner sense about a situation, person, or decision can provide valuable insights or guidance, even if it's not immediately supported by logical reasoning or evidence.

This phrase implies that individuals should pay attention to their instincts or inner feelings because these intuitive senses often draw upon subconscious information and past experiences, allowing for a more holistic assessment of a situation beyond what is immediately apparent. It encourages trusting oneself and recognizing the value of intuition alongside logical reasoning when making choices or judgments.

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Your gut, or digestive system, gets upset when you're worried or afraid. To "listen to your gut" means to pay attention to when your body feels nervous or upset, and to try to figure out what's going on.

Or, if you watch NCIS on the telly, "your gut" can tell you answers that your brain might not have figured out yet. This sort of "gut feeling" is when you know an answer, but can't actually state the facts behind your decision. You just have a feeling about it.

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If your intuition is telling you to do something---> DO IT. You will be led where you were meant to go.

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Q: What does the expression 'Listen to your gut' mean?
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