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What does the expression 'lame duck' mean?

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The term lame duck refers to somebody weak. For example, when an elected official's successor has already been elected, but has not taken office. It is also occasionally used to disparage a politician who will not serve again, such as a US president near the end of his second term.

A lame duck session is a session of an officials whose successors have already been elected (but not inaugurated).

The original use of the term lame duck referred to brokers who defaulted on their debts. The term is still used in this financial context in Europe.

The term lame duck usually is very commonly heard at the end of the second term of a US President (since he can't get re-elected for the third time in a row). As the name suggests, a lame duck cannot make strong decisions.

Actually the term lame duck means that they are able to make stronger decisons that are not based on being reelected.

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Does the expression lame duck relate to someone who is lazy?

A 'lame duck' refers to a political candidate in the last stages of his or her term of office after an election has taken place and a new candidate has been chosen to replace said duck.

What does it mean if a horse is a lame duck?

That this horse can only be used as a pet.

Write a simile for a duck?

As lame as a duck

What is the sitting duck president?

It isn't "sitting duck" but lame duck. A lame duck is a person in office whose term of office is nearly finished.

When was The Lame Duck Congress created?

The Lame Duck Congress was created on 2000-11-08.

What is the lame duck?

"Lame duck" is a political term to describe someone who has been voted out of office or termed out.

What is an example of a lame duck company?

Current argument is that Yahoo is a great example of a lame duck company. The management has not executed the plans they provided to thwart the Microsoft acquisition and the shareholders are probably feeling like the management is doing nothing! Since that expression implies that you are powerless maybe its the shareholders of Yahoo that are the lame ducks!

What does the term lame duck refer to?

Means your lame or a weakling

What happens if the lame duck president dies?

In this case, the lame duck vice-president would become president.

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Where does the expression lame duck come from in terms of horses?

The term has nothing to do with horses. It refers to an elected official that is still in office but not expected to continue.

What does the expression lame duck mean horses?

Comes from the fact that the soldiers aimed at the horse's flank in calvalry times * Comes from the fact that horses suffering from emphysema, in the age of cavalry, were considered as "good for nothing"

How do you use lame duck in a sentence?

Govener Jodi Rell is a lame duck because she is working beyond the election even if she is not reelected

What are the release dates for Duck Dodgers - 2003 A Lame Duck Mind 3-10?

Duck Dodgers - 2003 A Lame Duck Mind 3-10 was released on: USA: 14 October 2005

Nickname for 20th amendment?

Lame duck

What is a nickname for the twentieth amendment?

Answerlame duck

What is the nickname for the 20th amendment?

lame duck

What is a lame duck president?

Herbert Hoover

How is the lame duck period shortened by the 20th Amendment?

A lame duck is an elected official whose tenure is about to end. The 20th Amendment shortened the lame duck period by moving the beginning of the new Congress to January 3 and the presidential inauguration to January 20.

What is the answer on Howrse for the question The expression lame duck?

Comes from the fact that horses suffering from emphysema, in the age of cavalry, were considered as "good for nothing" i hve howrse 2 i am rachel_horselver

Nickname for the 20th amendment?

"Lame Duck" really it is

What was the nickname for the twentieth amendment?

the "Lame Duck Amendment"

What nickname is for the 20th Amendment?

The Lame Duck Amendment.

What amendment is referred to as the lame duck amendment?


What does it mean to become a lame duck president?

The period between election day (November 4th) and the inauguration of the next president (January 21st). The sitting-president is considered a "lame duck" since the president-elect will be strolling into the oval office within a couple of months.