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What does the expression 'lame duck' mean?

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2013-02-09 12:10:48

The term lame duck refers to somebody weak. For example, when an

elected official's successor has already been elected, but has not

taken office. It is also occasionally used to disparage a

politician who will not serve again, such as a US president near

the end of his second term.

A lame duck session is a session of an officials whose

successors have already been elected (but not inaugurated).

The original use of the term lame duck referred to brokers who

defaulted on their debts. The term is still used in this financial

context in Europe.

The term lame duck usually is very commonly heard at the end of

the second term of a US President (since he can't get re-elected

for the third time in a row). As the name suggests, a lame duck

cannot make strong decisions.

Actually the term lame duck means that they are able to make

stronger decisons that are not based on being reelected.

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