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Direct quote from the web-site in the related link... "The suffix dates back to when contributions were recorded on cards which were returned annually, staggered throughout the tax year. "A" meant the card was to be returned in March; "B" in June; "C" in September and "D" in December. Although contribution cards are no longer used, the suffix has remained an integral part of the NINO."

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Q: What does the last letter mean on the British National Insurance number card?
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Does British national insurance number expire?

In the UK, the National insurance number, or NI, is a number that is issued for the purposes of paying tax and receiving social security benefits. No, the British National insurance number does not expire.

What are the first two letter on a national insurance number?

The 2 letter prefix to the National Insurance Number represent the approximate year of birth.

What age is a NI number issued to a british child?

Generally, you will receive a National Insurance card when you are 15.

Is you social security number the same as your national insurance number?

is a social security number the same as a national insurance number

Where can someone find the number for National Insurance?

The number for National Insurance depends on the region where you live. A dedicated agent on the official National Insurance website will be happy to find it for you.

How do you confirm the status on UK National Insurance Number?

my reference no is . 085969672 and i complete the form fo national insurance number for4 days ago. whats my status for national insurance number.

I've lost my national insurance number and have no card. How do you get your national insurance number if you're living overseas?

I am unable to find my National Insurance number and card therefore who do i contact and how can i retreive this.

Forgotten National insurance number?

I have lost my national insurance number in the uk my name is Joy Sarah Jane Gold, my date of birth is 5/2/1962. My british passport number is 707667802 . My email address is Please advise of how to retrieve this information

How can you find a national insurance number for a child?

By realising that the minimum age at which someone can obtain a national insurance number is 16.

Can you find a dead persons national insurance number?

National insurance numbers are personal information and do not come under public documents.

How long do you keep your national insurance number for?

for life you only get one its a unique Your National Insurance number is your own personal account number. The number makes sure that the National Insurance contributions and tax you pay are properly recorded on your account. It also acts as a reference number for the whole social security system. Every National Insurance number is different. It's made up of letters and numbers

My son has no passport and we are flying with ryanair to Ireland he is a british citizen he has a birth certificate and national insurance number and a UK photo card will he be allowed to travel?


How do you apply for settlement in UK when you have a UK national Insurance number?

Ask the British Embassy in your home country. If you are already in the UK, ask the Home Office.

What is a social security number in the uk?

Usually it is a "National Insurance Number" or NIN, which is in fact made up of letters and numbers. Google National Insurance Number if you need more info.

How do you find out when exactly you started paying National Insurance contributions?

National insurance is a scheme where people in work make payments towards benefits. The payments are called national insurance contributions and certain benefits are only payable if you meet the national insurance contribution conditions. National insurance contributions also go towards the costs of the National Health Service. The national insurance scheme is administered by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).If you claim a benefit or tax credit, you will need a national insurance number. This applies even if it is not a benefit which depends on national insurance contributions. You will also need to supply your national insurance number in other circumstances, for example, when you get a new job.National insurance contributions (NICs) See the Related links below.

Do you have to pay to get national insurance number am an overseas?

no you dont :)

How can you check to see if your UK national insurance number is still valid?

Your national insurance number is yours from the minute you receive it to the day you die. It does not change or become invalid.

What is the phone number for National States Insurance Company?

United insurance company of america

What proof of your National insurance number do you need to begin new job?

Normally your P45 from your last job and/or National Insurance card.

If you live in Germany and would like to work in England how can you apply for a National Insurance Number?

If you live in Germany and would like to work in England how can you apply for a National Insurance Number?

You would like to check your National Insurance Number?


Who can legally request your UK national insurance number?


Find national insurance number?

Contact DWP in Newcastle

I need the phone number for an insurance claim to National Travelers Life Co.?

The toll-free number listed for National Travelers Life Company, Insurance is 800-232-5818.

What is car insurance policy number?

A policy number is a number or combination of letter and number that designates that policy from all others within an insurance company.