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What does the latin word aquamarine mean?


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Aquamarine is not a Latin word but is an english compound based on two Latin words: aqua, a noun meaning water, and marinus an adjective meaning sea.

In Latin this word would not appear in this form. Instead the separate forms would appear depending on context. Aqua is the nominative case of a 1st declension feminine noun which declines:


aqua the water

aquae of the water

aquae to/ for the water

aquam the water

aqua by / with the water


aquae the waters

aquarum of the waters

aquis to / for ....waters

aquas the waters

aquis by/with the waters

Marinus is the masculine form of an adjective which has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter (marinus, marina, marinum) and declines in all three forms so that it can agree with whatever noun it is modifying.

So I could say sea water by writing aqua marina which describes the water. (note my use of the feminine marina which agrees with aqua. But I couldn't say aqua marinus, because they don't agree. But I should probably say aqua marinae which means the water of the sea. (the feminine form of marina also declines like the feminine form of aqua.)