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Q: What does the law say about child safety at school?
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How do you say child safety in Latin?

Puer salus

Do you say your child is in school or your child is at school?

Both, with slightly different meaning. In school usually means enrolled in the school program while at school usually means located at the school. Thus we say "I learned this in school" but "I left my homework at school."

What is the average height and weight of a high school football safety?

I would say for a safety in highschool anywhere from 5'8 to 5'10

What is the law in Ohio on how old a child has to be to move out and the parents not be responsible for the child?

The law say until they are an adult, the parents are responsible. That would be 18 years old.

Why are school buses yellow?

I think school buses are yellow because not many cars are yellow so they will stand out more. School buses are painted chrome yellow for its high visibility Also because the federal safety people say it has to be. So technically yellow school buses are a federal law

What is the abandonment law in Alabama?

i am trying to find out what rights i have in filing abandonment from the father of my child. what does the Alabama law say?

What does an adoptive child receive when the husband dies?

In the eyes of the law a properly (that is to say 'legally') adopted child will have the same rights as a biological child.

How much should a child weight in a car safety seat?

I would say at least 65+ pounds

What high school grades do you need to make to become a Child Custody Lawyer?

In order to become a child custody lawyer, first you have to be accepted into law school, and then graduate from law school. You will also be required to write the Bar Exams in your jurisdiction, following which you will be "called to the Bar." At that point, you will be a lawyer and you can (within reason) choose what type of law you will practise. The hardest part of becoming a lawyer is getting accepted into law school. High school grades are seldom reviewed in the law school admission process. Excellent grades in university are definitely required. Some say that philosophy courses are suggested for undergraduate study. Generally speaking, however, no particular field of undergraduate study is preferred over any other.

If the school calls a parent for reports of child abuse what do they say?

The school calls social services to report child abuse not the parents. Specially if the child abuse is being done by the parent.

What do you say for 'law school' in Kannada?

In Kannada we would say Kaanunu Shaale.

What does Kansas child custody law say about the age of a child to decide their home?

A minor may not decide until they are 18.

Can you apply to law school if you have a BA in Communications?

Absolutely!! You can apply to law school if you have a Bachelor's degree in anything. Many law schools in fact say that they like diversity among their students.

When does a child in Russia start school?

A child in Russia starts school when they are 6 or 5 years old, matters what month they were born in. Let's say a child was born in 2000, if their birthday is after July 1st, then they can start school when they are 5. A child that was born in 1999 has to have a birthday before July 1st to start school.

Should a child that is not doing well in school get an iPhone?

well i say no but its your choese

Does your child continue to receive child support as long as he is in school or college?

It depends on two things: First, under what state's law was the child support ordered? Different states have different rules. Second, what does the divorce/paternity decree say? For info on your state, check out the link on my bio page.

What kind of health and safety software is mandated by law?

There is a lot of software available, but not all of it is mandated by law. If the software is backed by a government agency such as OSHA, then it is safe to say it is mandated by law and accurate.

Do you still have to pay child support in Tennessee if a child drops out of school or becomes pregnant?

You have to pay until they are 18 years old or whatever your child support papers say. Dropping out of school or them becoming pregnant has nothing to do with it. Child support is to help support the child not keep them from dropping out of school or becoming pregnant.

What is law enforcement doing about bullying?

they say gaby from st.marys school is cool

Can a 16 year old get a GED and drop out of school in Ohio?

I am 16 I live inOhio I am pregnant my mom has tried to withdraw me form the high school, they say because of the no child left behind act you are not allowed to drop out at any age until you are 18. I find this law to be a in convince to both me and my mother. How am I to go to school while yet taking care of a child.

Do the Amish say pledge of allegiance?

The Amish don't say The Pledge Of Allegiance. However in a public school and Amish child would say it.

Is threatening a child child abuse?

Yes, threatening a child is considered child abuse. Lets say you are threatening a law enforcement officer. The law enforcement officer should detain you, either verbally or physically, because you are being unlawful. When you verbally or physically threaten a child, you are being unlawful to the child. Or in other words, abusing him/her.

What are the right duties and responsibilities of a child?

I would say chores, homework, school, and play...

What does the law say about child labor?

Its against the moral values of a nation.A guilty person will bear imprisonment.

Does South Carolina state law require child support to continue while child attends college?

I hate to say it, but, yes, you are paying child support until the kid is out of college.