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What does the legal term 'certiorari' mean?

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Certiorari is a Latin word that means "to be informed." A writ of certiorari is an appellate court order requesting the lower court send up the records for a case accepted on appeal. The term is most often associated with the US Supreme Court. Certiorari is an extraordinary prerogative writ granted in cases that otherwise would not be entitled to review. A petition for certiorari is made to a superior appellate court, which may exercise its discretion in accepting a case for review, while an appeal of a case from a lower court to an intermediate appellate court, or from an intermediate appellate court to a superior appellate court, is regulated by statute.

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When is a writ of Certiorari requested?

A Writ of Certiorari is requested when the supreme Court is going to hear the appeal of an order from a lower court. In Latin the term certiorari means to be informed of.

What term is used when the US Supreme Court declines to hear a case?

Certiorari Denied or denied certiorari, usually abbreviated as cert. denied.

How has writ of certiorari changed in recent years?

A Writ of Certiorari is an accepted and standardized legal description of a particular court order. In what way are you assuming, or asking, that it has changed?

What does the legal term clergymen mean?

Clergymen are men of the clergy, as in church men, and it's not a legal term.

What does the legal term remain on foot mean?

it means it is legal to have a foot

How do you spell certiary?

The word sought may be certiorari, a legal writ involved in judicial review.

What does praecipe to withdraw mean?

Praecipe is a legal term for an order.

What does the word indentify mean?

legal term-protects you in a contract.

What does legal term FOAH mean?

Findings and Order After Hearing acr()

What does the legal term tnho mean?

It means "Tenant Holding Over."

What is the legal term for hiding a criminal?

The term of hiding a criminal is collusion, mean you share him part of his crime .

What does the legal term de minimus mean?

A Latin term that means of no significance or not worthy of consideration. In legal terms, the consequences of an act in violation of a legal requirement may be considered so small that they don't justify pursuing legal action.

What does commingling mean?

i know it mean to mix things,together. However,in my legal field,in the context of an actual "Breach"of such, i.e. fiduciary,again in the legal term.

What does fiducia mean in English?

Fiducia is a legal term that means trust or confidence.

What does the legal term interest as damages mean?

it means that if somebody damaged you, you can enjoy the legal all life.replica Swiss watches

What does legal term argn mean?

This looks like either an abbreviation or a mis-spelling. No such word exists in legal jargon.

What does the legal term mens rea mean?

In criminal law, the legal term "mens rea" is latin and stands for "guilty mind". It refers to the mental element of the offence that accompanies the guilty act.

What does the term legal malpractice mean?

The term legal malpractice means negligence and breach of contract by a lawyer towards their client. One must prove that errors made were ones that no competent lawyer could make to have a case of legal malpractice.

What does certiorari denied mean?

When an application (or appeal of some case in a lower court) to the Supreme Court is denied, it is called certiorari denied. In fact, it means that the Supreme Court refuses to accept the application or appeal and will not judge on it

What does the legal term acting pro se mean?

Pro Se means you will be representing yourself in your legal proceeding, without the aid of an attorney.

Where can you find the definition of certiorari?

Using both a physical dictionary, online dictionary, or mobile phone dictionary app is the best way to find quick definitions of words such as "certiorari". Online UrbanDictionary can also help you discover slang definitions of the term.

What percentage of petitions for writ of certiorari are denied?

The percentage of petitions for writ of certiorari denied is ~ 98-99%.The US Supreme Court received 7,738 petitions for writ of certiorari in each the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 Terms, granted certiorari in fewer than 200 in the 2008-09 Term, and issued written opinions on only 83 cases. The statistical estimate for denial of cert is 98-99%.For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What does legal mean in portugese?

"Legal", in Brazilian portuguese may be a slang. ( Que legal ! ) meaning "How cool is it !" As a primary definition it is a term that means an action which is allowed by the local laws.

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